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The internet has changed everything from how we interact with each other to how we shop for things. Are you getting the most out of our Shopping Campaign?

How Millennials Search for Healthcare

Millennials are changing the game in marketing across all industries and healthcare is no different. Do you know how Millennials are searching for healthcare?

Paid Media in the Customer Funnel

  While these Paid Media tactics are highly effective on their own, they work best in conjunction with other tactics in an integrated digital strategy. Want more information on how Paid…

Paid Search for Healthcare Marketing

Paid Media works wonders in Healthcare Marketing. However, it works best as part of a fully integrated strategy. Is your digital marketing strategy working? Let us help with a complimentary…

3 Main Benefits of Paid Search

The 9 Most Expensive AdWords Mistakes

Are your AdWords performing like they should? The biggest advantage to Google AdWords also seems to be its biggest challenge for advertisers: learning how to track and report the data you gather…

Free vs. Paid Options for Call Tracking

Remarketing: How to reach consumers who didn’t quite convert

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