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Driving Smarter Campaigns with Integrated Healthcare Analytics

Holistic reporting gives you insight into marketing performance across channels and from campaign to booked appointment.

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Leverage Data Insights To Level Up Your Growth Strategy

At Cardinal, data is at the heart of every marketing decision we make. That’s why we review your big-picture marketing strategy alongside your paid media and SEO efforts, gleaning combined insights that lead to smarter decision-making. And not to worry: we prioritize transparency and communication with clients, which means you’ll always have access to your data. 

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Holistic Healthcare Marketing Reporting

Here’s How We Ignite Growth With Healthcare Data-Driven Insights

Multi-Location Performance Reporting

Armed with robust campaign performance metrics, we’re able to zero in on the source of your leads by region, city, and zip code. We also provide dashboards for every region, as well as a roll-up of all regions for your marketing and C-suite teams.

Detailed Tiered Reporting

Cardinal’s tiered reporting makes it easy to share results with various stakeholders. We’ll build custom reporting dashboards based on the data and information you need to see, including dashboards for marketing, quarterly business reviews, executive, and regional contexts.

Honest Data. Transparent Reports.

Our primary goal is to create a mutual understanding of your campaign performance. We’re not here to make the numbers look pretty. We’re here to provide an honest assessment of how we can achieve your business goals with data-driven strategies.

Your Account. Your Data. Always.

We were serious when we said we’re all about transparency. We will never keep your Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) account from you. You own your accounts, and should you choose to opt out of your contract after the first six months, your data goes with you.

Discover Key Marketing Performance Metrics Across Every Channel And Region

Holistic dashboard reporting analyzes performance across your service lines, regions, brands, creative types, devices, and more. 

Keep a Pulse on Your Performance

Custom analytics dashboards give real-time insights across your platform. Get in touch with us today to see what data you’re missing.

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How We Do It

Here’s What You Can Expect From Cardinal’s Analytics Services

Flexible Monthly Reporting

Our healthcare marketing data analytics solutions are customizable to your needs and budget. We offer standard out-of-box reporting solutions and custom dashboards.

While dashboard reports provide clients with quick insights, monthly reports provide a deeper dive, highly detailed view into key insights and analytics—as well as next steps for improving performance month over month. Monthly reports convey the top-line numbers and hone in on performance drivers like service line spend fluctuations, increase in competition, improved conversion rates from CRO tests, and more. Monthly reports are designed and delivered in presentation format to be shared across your organization and with key stakeholders.

Multi-Location Dashboards

Multi-location healthcare brands need dashboards that give them insight across their system. We specialize in helping brands with 10-500 locations, meaning we’re equipped to provide dashboards across every region, as well as roll-ups to your marketing and C-suite teams. Our dashboards emphasize performance measurement and follow information architecture best practices so results are easy to understand at just a glance.

Value-Based Tracking & Closed-loop Tie Back

We don’t just generate leads. We generate the leads most likely to convert to loyal patients—and bring you the most revenue. Our value-based tracking configurations break down conversions by type to provide you with detailed insight into how many forms, calls, and chats your campaign efforts are really driving. This is the holy grail of tracking.

Call Tracking Integrations

We go above and  beyond standard pixel tracking setup by also implementing call tracking with AI-driven call analysis to determine call quality and optimize more effectively. Our call tracking insights guide campaign strategy and  help identify operational inefficiencies or conversion barriers.

Page Performance

Leveraging Google Analytics and Google Optimize, we measure your page performance to identify which pages get traffic and how well they convert traffic to leads.

Channel Performance

We break out performance across every channel and platform you’re operating on, so you know exactly which ones are driving new patients. For many clients, this usually includes PPC, Paid Social, and Display.

Data Warehousing

Our analytics suite is built for reliability, performance, customization & real-time insights.

Our data warehousing process allows us to store and filter only the data that you need. Provides almost 100% uptime on your dashboards, a place to query data for ad hoc analysis, and improves the load time of dashboards through the Data Studio accelerated connector.

API Connection Suite and ETL Process

Our vendor partnerships and proprietary API connections allow us to aggregate, store, and transform data from 100s of data sources in near real-time, including your own data. Our ability to extract and combine your data sources allows us to see what channels and campaigns are driving more patient appointments for each of your locations.

How Deep Does Our Analytics Go?

Healthcare Marketing Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we absolutely can. We can compare leads by region, city, and zip code, as well as across all channels and platforms you’re operating on.

Our baseline analytics offering starts with a standard performance dashboard and includes a monthly executive summary. 

You also have on-demand access to dashboards and metrics as they occur in real-time, so you’re always in the know about your campaign performance.

Dashboards are self-service; they are custom-designed for the end user to view data visually and analyze it themselves.

Reports, in addition to presenting data visually, include key insights, recommendations, and takeaways developed by our team of analysts and strategists.

We offer different analytics packages to best suit your analytic needs and budget.

Yes! We can create and refine custom conversion goals across your website and paid platforms, allowing our team to go deeper into which sources drive the best results and better understand the value of each form and call conversion.  

Our advanced solutions allow us to integrate channel attribution with your CRM via Javascript tracking, allowing us to see which campaigns and channels drive your long-term and highest-value patients.

We are thoroughly impressed with Cardinal’s ability to deliver a pipeline of high-quality leads to our door. Onboarding with them could not have gone any smoother, as they clearly value communication and transparency.

Ed Cunning Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience
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