Revolutionizing Specialty Care Patient Acquisition


Attracting New Patients with Digital Marketing

Before our partnership in March 2023, Upperline Health was at a pivotal stage. As they grew, the challenge was not just maintaining existing marketing initiatives but scaling them effectively to support an expanding network.

In the podiatry sector, patient acquisition was evolving beyond traditional referral-based models. Even with a referral in hand, patients often turn to Google to research care options and validate their reputation.

With 130+ clinics, their in-house marketing team knew they needed to augment their referral strategy with digital marketing. They sought a partner adept at multi-location patient acquisition who could maintain low customer acquisition costs and consistently generate high lead volumes. 

Our collaboration aimed to refine and scale Upperline Health’s digital patient acquisition strategy, ensuring each clinic could achieve its capacity goals and thrive in a competitive digital space.

About The Company

Upperline Health

Founded in 2017, Upperline Health is dedicated to providing a streamlined approach for patients seeking consistent and effective treatment for chronic illnesses. 

As the nation’s largest provider network focused on specialty value-based care, Upperline Health offers specialized podiatry, vascular care, chronic care management, and preventative health services. With 134 clinics spanning seven states, Upperline Health serves 350,000 patients annually.


  • Struggled to meet capacity goals at many locations
  • Needed insight into marketing attribution
  • Lacked deep digital marketing expertise


  • Drive new patient acquisition using Google Ads
  • Integrate sophisticated marketing technologies
  • Achieve capacity goals across the entire platform
Paid Search Initiatives

Mastering Marketing Attribution & Meeting Capacity Goals

Cardinal stepped in to strategically revamp Upperline Health’s digital marketing strategy, ensuring their brand appeared first when prospective patients searched for podiatry care online. 

The Solution

Upperline Health’s Targeted Google Ads Strategy

Craft Patient-Centric Messaging

Ad copy was tailored to better resonate with potential patients, highlighting specific services and locations to connect them with the exact care they seek.

Improve the User Experience

We created dedicated landing pages for each location, making it easier for patients to find relevant information and conveniently book online appointments.

Optimize for High-Value Keywords

We targeted high-intent search terms like “podiatrist near me” to ensure that Upperline Health appeared among the top results when patients were ready to book an appointment. 

Our Results

More Patients, Lower Costs

In addition to paid media optimizations, we implemented advanced call and lead tracking technology to determine marketing return on investment and set new benchmarks for digital marketing success.

Thanks to a new and improved digital strategy, Upperline Health has seen a significant jump in performance from August 2023 to December 2023. In just 4 months, they’ve experienced a:

  • 65% increase in CVR (Conversion Rate)
  • 26% decrease in CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition)
  • 12% increase in # of Leads Over Time
The Digital Advantage

Efficient Lead Generation

In 4 months, digital marketing not only brought in more leads for Upperline Health but also lowered their overall cost-per-acquisition.

Our digital marketing efforts continue to be an efficient method to reach potential patients at scale.

Star Campaigns

Digital Makes a Big Impact in 5 Regions

Five standout regions have seen a remarkable lead surge since August 2023, boasting an average increase of 137%. 

Remarkably, all of these featured locations also achieved an all-time low cost-per-acquisition (CPA). 

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