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We’re strategic growth partners dedicated to helping the world’s largest healthcare organizations scale their business—and their impact.

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Why Hire Cardinal?

We Help Healthcare Brands Scale With HIPAA-Compliant Custom Digital Marketing Solutions.

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Scaling Organizations Is Our Superpower

We’re experts in building scalable, strategic digital marketing frameworks that ignite rapid growth across new markets, helping healthcare organizations like yours scale swiftly and strategically. Just call us your multi-location growth masters!

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Proactive And Performance-Driven

Our performance ethos? “Continuous Improvement.” We anticipate possibilities instead of reacting to them. You can count on the agency to always keep growth moving ahead, catalyzing momentum to achieve your business goals. 

HIPAA-Compliant Marketing

At Cardinal, we understand the nuances of marketing in a HIPAA-regulated world. We’ve been in the healthcare space for a long time and understand the regulations and how to help you reach patients in an ethically, compliant manner.

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“Canned” Isn’t In Our Vocabulary

But we can offer robust digital marketing solutions (see what we did there?) with in-depth market analysis, website and competitor audits, and growth opportunity identification, ultimately igniting results bespoke to your organization.

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We know finding a strategic healthcare marketing agency can be complicated, but we’re here to make things easy for you. Request a free proposal today to find out how we can help you grow—without the growing pains.

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Dentists & DSOs
Mental Health Providers
Private Equity
Addiction Treatment
Women’s Health
Urgent Care
Veterinary Medicine
Plastic Surgery
Physical Therapy

Strategic Growth For Dentists & DSOs

With deep roots in dental, we fully understand the unique needs dental groups and DSOs face as they scale—especially when it comes to launching de novos and meeting capacity goals. 

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Increase in lead volume for Peak Dental


Increase in CVR for The Smilist

Performance Marketing For Mental Health Providers

As the mental healthcare market rapidly expands, we serve as your strategic growth partner to facilitate sustainable growth.

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Increase in total site conversions in six months for LifeStance


Increase in traffic from new users

Leverage Cardinal’s experience to accelerate your portfolio's growth

We offer a consistent, repeatable marketing framework you can depend on to deliver rapid growth for each new acquisition.

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Increase in YoY Conversions for TheKey


Increase in new traffic for LifeStance Health

Amplifying Impact For Addiction Treatment Providers

Our suite of strategic growth services empowers addiction treatment brands to scale and accelerate their impact on the lives of their patients.

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Increase in average monthly organic conversions for Bluff Plantation


Increase in average monthly organic sessions

Frictionless Growth For Women’s Health Brands

We know how to address your patients’ unique needs with empathetic, patient-centric messaging that drives conversions.

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Increase in conversions for Boston IVF


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

Driving Immediate Patient Volume For Urgent Care Facilities

We’ll help you rise above the competition—and see a rise in profits—with outstanding local SEO and targeted PPC practices aimed at scaling your urgent care brand.

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Digital leads in 9 months for CareSpot


YOY increase in call leads the two past years for RMD

Data-driven Performance Marketing For Veterinary Clinics

We ignite ambitious growth with proven tactics to help you scale your veterinary clinic swiftly and strategically.

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increase in total leads YoY for Southern Veterinary Partners

Strategic Growth for Dermatologists

Cardinal strengthens the patient pipeline and drives strategic growth for dermatology practices with targeted performance marketing strategies.

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Increase in patient leads for VitalSkin Dermatology


increase in conversions YoY for Water’s Edge Dermatology

Performance Marketing For Orthodontic Groups

An orthodontic practice must consistently attract new patients to grow. Our marketing team will work to increase your web presence and brand awareness, which helps drive referrals to your office.

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increase in calls and form submissions for Smile Doctors


increase in PPC conversion rate for Smile Design Dentistry

Custom Digital Marketing Strategies for Plastic Surgery Practices

Just as each patient receives treatment tailored to their specific needs, Cardinal builds a customized marketing strategy designed to help your practice grow.

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increase in new patients for Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance


increase in conversion rate for Tolson Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Engage New Optometry and Ophthalmology Patients

Our strategic growth services help optometrists and ophthalmologists scale their practices a swiftly and strategically.

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increase in website traffic for America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses


increase in conversion rate for Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute

Frictionless Growth for Physical Therapy Clinics

We know how to address your patients’ unique needs with empathetic, patient-centric messaging that drives conversions.

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increase in lead volume for Piedmont Hospital


additional qualified leads funnel to the OrthoAtlanta site monthly

Expand Your Patient Pipeline with Powerful LASIK Marketing Strategies

We help LASIK and cataract surgery groups soar to new heights with proven patient generation tactics.

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increase in PPC impression share for Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute


increase in page views for America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

With Cardinal, Peak has not only experienced unprecedented new patient growth, but we have also seen our business grow exponentially.

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How We Help Healthcare Groups Grow

Our Performance Marketing Solutions

With over a decade of healthcare performance marketing expertise, we’ve developed a robust suite of solutions that cater to the complex needs and growth goals of multi-site healthcare groups. Our solutions are not just effective; they are also fully HIPAA-compliant, ensuring your strategies not only meet business goals, but also adhere to strict privacy regulations.

Search Engine Optimization

From primary care to dermatology to nursing facilities and beyond, we help high-growth healthcare organizations achieve higher search rankings and attract new patients with SEO strategies bespoke to their needs.

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Pay-per-click Management

We believe that your PPC strategy should deliver high-quality leads, not empty promises.  Our pros will develop an efficient Google Ads strategy that allows you to hit your CPA and capacity goals effortlessly.

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Facebook Advertising

Don’t let the power of Facebook advertising go untapped. We’ll be your social media masters, helping you reach your target audience and inspire action with scroll-stopping creative and click-inducing copy.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

If CRO is considered a science, just call us Bill Nye. Data-driven and meticulous, we help healthcare organizations convert more prospects into loyal patients across every stage of the marketing funnel.

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We’re Performance-driven and Our Clients’ Results Prove It

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Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of healthcare marketing is to increase awareness of medical conditions and treatments, build trust with patients, and guide them through their unique journey to finding care. 

Through efficient paid search campaigns, patient-centric social strategies, and a full-funnel approach to organic search, healthcare marketing can increase engagement, build trust, and strengthen your brand.

With the healthcare industry growing more competitive by the day, healthcare marketing has become an essential tool for providers to reach potential patients!

A full-funnel digital marketing strategy is an effective way to increase patient volume. Connect with patients at every step of their healthcare journey with engaging social ads and targeted PPC campaigns. To foster organic growth, pair these strategies with a responsive, scalable website fully optimized for search.

Remember, all businesses have their own unique goals, so it’s important to take a look at your current marketing maturity and patient demographics to determine which digital marketing mix works best for you. Leveraging the right tactics and working with an experienced healthcare marketing agency will help you build a strong patient pipeline.

In today’s world, much of the patient experience occurs online. That’s why it’s crucial to create low-friction digital experiences. Begin by optimizing your website for mobile devices and local SEO to make it easy for patients to find and connect with your medical practice. Simplify the scheduling process with easy online booking options and automated reminders to reduce no-shows and keep patients engaged. 

Offering helpful content like health tips and educational resources can also improve patient loyalty. By prioritizing a seamless digital experience, you’ll establish your practice as a trusted source of information and care, ultimately leading to happier patients.

Healthcare marketing can provide numerous benefits for your brand. By engaging patients at every step of their journey, targeting the right audience, and optimizing your conversion rates, you can generate consistent leads for all your locations. 

Adopting innovative marketing solutions will give your organization the opportunity to expand, boost ROI, and ensure potential patients are choosing your practice over the competition. Partnering with a specialized medical marketing agency can amplify these benefits, offering expert guidance and strategies to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry effectively.


In today’s digital age, the top healthcare marketing strategies revolve around digital prowess and patient engagement. Modern healthcare advertising is more than just selling your medical products and services; you must find new ways to reach and connect with your patient base. Providing a high-quality digital experience through your website is crucial for attracting new patients to your practice.

Leveraging local SEO and running a proficient Google Ads campaign will increase your visibility on the web, giving your organization an edge over the competition. Additionally, having a robust reputation management strategy to establish trust and credibility, as well as developing engaging video marketing campaigns, can significantly boost your practice’s success!

The healthcare market is highly competitive; therefore, having a strong online presence is essential. Let’s face it: everyone is using the internet to find providers. As patients are now more reliant on online sources rather than traditional referrals, digital marketing is crucial for doctors to attract and retain these new consumers. 

SEO is one important piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Ultimately, a robust full-funnel SEO strategy for doctors will help drive organic traffic AND highly qualified leads to all your locations. Plus, modern healthcare SEO best practices encourage marketers to adopt a patient-first approach, which will help cement your brand as a trusted provider. If you’re not sure where to start, working with an experienced healthcare marketing agency can help you avoid common mishaps. 

To improve the patient experience, you can start by optimizing your website’s UX to make it intuitive and easy to navigate. Enhancing page load speeds will ensure your website is responsive and convenient while developing a mobile-friendly website ensures accessibility.

You can also provide unique, helpful content that caters to the specific needs of your patients. Creating patient personas will enable you to understand and address their needs better, and implementing patient portals will provide a personal touch, allowing them to manage their health records and appointments conveniently. 

Always remember, before you start your website personalization campaign, mind your campaign’s legal and ethical guidelines to ensure HIPAA compliance. If navigating these technical and regulatory landscapes seems daunting, consider partnering with a healthcare marketing company. They can help you build a HIPAA-compliant tech stack and guide you through the intricacies of effective, compliant digital marketing.

In the face of growing consolidation in healthcare, practices can level the playing field through strategic healthcare marketing. By creating targeted, data-driven campaigns, they can attract new patients and keep existing ones.

With relevant, personalized content, they can build brand loyalty and encourage repeat visits. Organizations looking to drive high-quality leads, increase revenue, and maintain healthy profits need a robust multi-channel marketing strategy in place.

The patient journey is the healthcare “customer’s” path. It’s every step a patient takes, from researching symptoms and seeking a healthcare provider online to making an appointment, receiving treatment, and post-care follow-up.

This encompasses all interactions with doctors, hospitals, clinics, and digital touchpoints like websites or emails. For healthcare marketers, understanding this journey is critical. It helps you meet the patient where they are, personalize their experience, and build long-term loyalty. Thus, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is crucial to effectively engage with patients throughout their journey.

Patient-centric marketing means putting your patient’s needs and experiences at the heart of your strategy. Use digital tools and personalized content to connect with your patients and build trust. Not only will this enhance patient satisfaction, but it will also foster patient loyalty and streamline your operational processes. Remember, a satisfied patient is your best advocate.

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As a leading healthcare digital marketing agency, Cardinal Digital Marketing has partnered with some of the most recognizable brands in the country. We’ve helped countless multi-location organizations reach and convert patients through tailored, HIPAA-compliant patient acquisition solutions, comprehensive digital transformation strategies, and stunning brand creative.

Our extensive experience and innovative approach make us the preferred healthcare marketing company for high-growth, multi-site providers. A partnership with Cardinal means highly targeted strategies that increase patient volume, improve brand recognition, and drive revenue. Performance marketing, on your parameters.

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