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Scalable Patient Acquisition Strategies for Multi-Site Healthcare Brands

Cardinal Digital Marketing is your one-stop shop for scalable patient acquisition marketing strategies that deliver best-in-class performance and spur frictionless, sustainable growth.

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Devising Patient Growth Strategies Is Our Speciality

As the trusted growth partner for multi-location healthcare organizations, we’re proud to turn our clients into patient-generating machines, maximizing their performance and revenue to boot. We deploy omnichannel marketing strategies that allow you to engage patients at each stage of their journey to find care.

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Custom Strategies for Every Location

Align Patient Acquisition Strategy with Capacity & Business Goals

We tailor patient acquisition strategies to each of your location’s specific needs, acknowledging that capacity goals vary across your system.

A one-size-fits-all marketing approach can lead to imbalances—leaving some practices starving for patients while others grapple with overbooking and extended appointment wait times that damage patient experience.

From launching de novos with a strong start to efficiently managing well-established practices, we’re laser-focused on filling appointment books where needed. Our deep multi-site expertise and a focus on goal alignment ensure that you don’t overspend where demand is already high and that you get the biggest impact from your marketing investment.

Unlock Your Growth Potential

How Our Patient Growth Strategies Fuel Your Growth

Proactive & Future-Focused

Not only do we lead, but we also anticipate, constantly adapting and optimizing to ensure your marketing plan is resilient against industry shifts. We’re agile, transparent, and relentless in pursuing the best results for your growth.


At Cardinal, we don’t stop working until we exceed your expectations. Spurring efficient growth is our priority, and we do so by delivering the expertise and technology needed to optimize performance across every patient touchpoint.

Strategies Built for Scale

Our marketing strategies are scalable, meaning they’ll grow with your business. We ensure our patient acquisition solutions are aligned with your long-term growth goals from the get-go, so there aren’t any surprises down the road.

Deep Healthcare Expertise

High-growth healthcare groups not only need a partner versed in multi-location marketing, but one that prioritizes patient privacy. With 10+ years serving multi-site groups, we’ve honed our tactics to be effective, nuanced, and compliant.

Growth Plateaus? Never Heard Of Them

As healthcare’s most trusted strategic growth partner, we’re fundamentally dedicated to helping our clients defy boundaries and supercharge growth. Get in touch and find out how we can help your brand scale without limits.

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Protecting Patient Privacy

HIPAA-Compliant Acquisition Strategies

Navigate the complexities of healthcare marketing safely. We’re HIPAA-compliant, ready to sign BAAs, and specialize in crafting secure patient acquisition ecosystems. 

Our tailored solutions include HIPAA-approved call and lead tracking and efficient analytics. We offer a full-funnel strategy to deliver your message accurately while upholding patient confidentiality.

Our Scalable Framework for Growth

How We Help Your Healthcare Brand Grow

Multi-Location Growth Strategies

We work like a well-oiled machine to develop growth strategies that support your national, regional, and local business goals. All the way from the big picture down to the granular local level, we stay exactly in tune with your business goals and provide strategic consultation to ensure all stakeholder expectations and objectives are met.

Patient Pipeline Development

At Cardinal, we do things a little differently. We don’t just capture existing demand at the bottom of the funnel. We generate demand by increasing awareness and affinity across the funnel, ultimately fueling frictionless growth. Healthcare brands that work with Cardinal witness a superbloom of new patient volume thanks to our ability to build robust, dependable lead pipelines.

New Market Expansions

New markets are calling your name, and we’ll help you get to them with sustainable, scalable multi-location growth strategies. We develop campaigns to build awareness and demand in your new markets and support de novo launches as they occur.

Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Cardinal supports mergers and acquisitions by seamlessly rolling new brands into existing digital marketing strategies and campaigns. We’re experts at converging digital properties into a unified brand with consistent messaging and creative. What’s more, we ensure that brands don’t experience any drops in lead volume through the M&A process.

Transparent Workflows & Roadmaps

We provide full transparency into our workflows, 100% of the time. With collaborative access to our robust roadmaps, clients can track progress, forecast future growth, and understand exactly how we’re achieving their goals at all times.

Our Holistic Approach

Omnichannel Strategy

Reach patients at every point in their journey to find care. A strong patient acquisition strategy goes beyond just PPC. Integrating SEO and earned media not only optimizes conversion rates but also reduces the cost per lead and total patient acquisition costs. 

By blending SEO with paid strategies, we help you achieve a balanced solution unhindered by fluctuating PPC budgets. We’ll craft a robust omnichannel strategy that stands resilient in the face of competition and market conditions.

Balance Compliance & Performance

2024 Healthcare Marketing Trends

Tighter HIPAA regulations are changing the digital landscape. To reach the right patients in 2024 (without getting sued), you need to adjust your advertising strategies and your martech stack.

Dive into the top trends that are redefining healthcare marketing and learn how to drive engagement across the patient journey.

With Cardinal, Peak has not only experienced unprecedented new patient growth, but we have also seen our business grow exponentially.

Lori Mixon VP of Marketing
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