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There’s no sugarcoating it. Healthcare recruiting is hard. We help you gain an edge by crafting unrivaled digital experiences and bold advertising campaigns to attract your dream candidates.

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The Talent Acquisition Support You Didn’t Know You Needed

Get your recruitment team a savvy digital partner to help you attract best-in-class healthcare workers. We’ll help you build a powerful digital presence, then drive awareness and demand with compelling storytelling strategies across your digital recruitment channels.

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How We Do It

We Support Provider Recruitment With Three Powerful Tactics

Website Development

Don’t hide your shining culture behind a stale website. A strong UX and easy-to-use career and application pages allow you to showcase your brand, culture, and people. Our websites generate excitement around your brand, then guide candidates through a seamless, frustration-free application experience.


We’ll help you meet prospective candidates exactly where they’re at in their job search through targeted campaigns. We use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and display ad campaigns to build brand awareness and recall. When your recruiters reach out to candidates, our ads ensure they know your brand’s name. 


Don’t let a clunky application site scare candidates away. We serve as your strategic conversion rate optimization advisors, helping you uncover hidden barriers or missing information that deter people from applying. After our testing and optimizations, you’ll enjoy lower bounce rates and get more applications in the door.

Our Marketing Superpowers

How Marketing Supports Talent Recruitment:

Marketing empowers you to spark brand awareness on the digital channels candidates use most. 

There’s no magic bullet solution for provider recruitment. The real secret to building a winning team is cultivating a culture that attracts top talent. If you already have a strong culture and operational infrastructure, don’t hide it. Digital marketing can help you get the word out.

That said, no one channel or approach guarantees applicants. That’s why we leverage a multi-prong strategy to cover all the bases and get you the strongest results possible.

Our digital marketing services support talent recruitment by helping to improve brand recall. That means when your recruiters reach out to prospects, they’ll remember your brand—and associate it with a positive experience.

Need Help With Healthcare Talent Acquisition?

In the competitive healthcare job market, you can’t wait for candidates to find you. You need a strong digital brand to recruit your all-star healthcare team. 

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Career Website & Landing Page Development

Job hunting is hard work. We make it easier on your prospects by designing intuitive, captivating landing pages that make applying online a breeze.

And as your strategic advisors, we collaborate with your brand team to refine your voice and showcase your culture at every touchpoint.

Our proven website design process enables us to build employee recruitment websites, landing pages, and add-ons rapidly, harnessing UX best practices to craft websites that uphold your brand standards and center your employee experience. 

Increase Application Rates

Career Page Conversion Rate Optimization

Your company culture may be strong, but if your career website is a dud, you’ll struggle to attract applicants. 

We audit your existing career and application pages to uncover precisely what prevents candidates from applying, whether that’s confusing UX, reputation issues, messaging misalignment, or missing information. 

If needed, we’ll build new career websites or landing pages. Or we can collaborate with your development team to make critical changes based on our test results.

Catch Eyes & Capture Interest

Talent Recruitment Advertising Campaigns

Your talent recruitment strategy will vary based on your ideal candidates. Different job prospects spend time in different places online. Seeking skilled physicians? They’re not on the usual job-searching websites, but running effective display and Facebook ad campaigns will expose them to positive brand narratives. Looking for administrative staff and other frontline healthcare workers? We know exactly how to target them with compelling LinkedIn and Google Ads.

There’s a strategy for targeting everyone, and we’ve mastered them all.

Reach Candidates at Every Digital Touchpoint

Social Media, Search, and Display Talent Recruitment Campaigns

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Social Media

Casual job seekers and happy employees are unlikely to be on the hunt through typical recruitment channels. Reach them on the channels they use most: social media. We help you stop the scroll with compelling employer brand campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. When they’re ready to make a move, they’ll think of your brand first. 

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Google Ads

Targeted Google Ads campaigns can help you reach candidates in key markets and quickly fill frontline vacancies. We’ll craft a hyper-focused keyword strategy that’ll ensure your ads reach the right audience, finding people who are dissatisfied with their current jobs, recent grads, or workers new to the U.S. 

Display Advertising

Display ad campaigns keep your organization top-of-mind throughout a candidate’s job search and support outbound recruitment efforts. We’ll help you make a lasting impression with strong ad creative that showcases your benefits and company, while employee testimonial campaigns help you stand out from the competition.

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Your Talent Acquisition Questions Answered

Sorry, but we’re marketers, not recruiters! Prospecting and recruitment cold calling aren’t in our wheelhouse. We leave that to your recruiting experts.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee application rates–especially for providers and highly specialized roles. Recruitment campaigns aren’t a direct response to job openings, and many factors can influence someone’s decision to change jobs—things like the economy, holidays, and competition for talent. But even though we can’t control all of those external factors, we can still help build your digital reputation and show off the amazing highlights of your company culture. That way, we can ensure that potential candidates will have a good impression of your brand when they’re ready to apply–or they receive a call from your recruitment team.

While we won’t replace your recruitment team, we support them 100% of the way, helping them build a strong digital presence and strategy. Our goal is to help your team act more effectively by building brand awareness and ensuring that candidates find your brand with a favorable impression. In other words: we’ll carve your path forward, but we won’t take the reins.

With Cardinal, Peak has not only experienced unprecedented new patient growth, but we have also seen our business grow exponentially.

Lori Mixon VP of Marketing
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