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Maximize Your Practice Valuation: How to Build A Strong Foundation with Provident Healthcare Partners

If one of your goals is to sell your practice in the future, now is the time to start planning. To ensure the highest possible valuation and a smooth transaction, you must have a strong operational, fiscal, and digital foundation. On this episode of Ignite, Craig Sager and Steven Grassa of Provident Healthcare Partners join Cardinal’s Alex Membrillo and Lauren Leone to explore how to professionalize your business and build that foundation.

28 mins
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Navigating the GA4 Migration: The Future of Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizations rely on accurate data to make strategic marketing decisions and gain a better understanding of the patient journey. With Google announcing the end of Universal Analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4, healthcare groups are encouraged to migrate to the newer platform ASAP, before the automatic switch on July 1, 2023. Though GA4’s capabilities are beneficial, data is only stored by default for 2 months. That’s why it’s important for healthcare groups to stay informed to ensure a seamless transition with no lost data.

15 mins
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ChatGPT and Bard: The Impact of AI Technology on Healthcare SEO

The popularity of ChatGPT has been widely recognized, leading Google to create Bard, their own version of the chatbot. Bard hasn't officially launched yet, but the new AI is expected to have a huge impact on the healthcare industry and search engine optimization. It's important to note that while AI technology is a helpful marketing tool, to provide the most valuable content to patients, human strategy should remain at the forefront.

22 mins
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Don’t Turn Your Back on Existing Patients: How to Boost Revenue with Reactivation

Typically, healthcare marketers often stay hyper-focused on new patient acquisition. Unfortunately, this stance means that many groups leave money on the table by ignoring a much warmer audience— the existing patient.

15 mins
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Empowering Patients through Education: The Key to Successful Healthcare Marketing with Theresa Porcaro

Patient education plays a vital role in healthcare marketing. By creating educational, authentic content, healthcare providers can better engage patients and encourage them to take a more active role in their own care. This leads to more accurate diagnoses, better health outcomes, and improved patient satisfaction.

31 mins
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Navigating the Healthcare Landscape: Mapping the Patient Journey

Patient journey maps are a powerful tool that can revolutionize healthcare marketing. By understanding the different stages and touchpoints of a patient's experience, healthcare marketers can gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities they face. This leads to higher patient engagement, better outcomes, and a more comprehensive marketing approach.

15 mins
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Adapting to Google’s Push Towards Automation: The Importance of Broad Match

Google is actively promoting the use of automation and AI in its advertising solutions. This shift is causing traditional "exact match" to become obsolete and the limitations of other keyword matching options are becoming increasingly apparent. To keep up with this change, advertisers are being pushed to use "broad match" type in their campaigns.

20 mins
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AI and Mental Health: The Future of Care and Treatment featuring Chris Hemphill

AI technology is revolutionizing the way we approach mental health, including, increasing access to care, and improving patient outcomes. Join Cardinal’s CEO, Alex Membrillo and Sr. Director, Commercial Intelligence at Woebot Health, Chris Hemphill as they take an in-depth look at the current and future state of AI in mental healthcare and the impact it has on the healthcare industry as a whole.

36 mins
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Enhancing Lead Quality in Healthcare: The Google Ads Must-Do’s

Not every lead is a good lead, especially in the healthcare vertical. Without robust lead quality control measures, incoming leads may end up not converting into booked appointments, which wastes time and money. To increase lead quality, lead-to-sale conversion rates, and revenue in a CRM-less world, healthcare marketers must take control of their Google Ads accounts.

17 mins
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Healthcare Marketing on TikTok: The Future of Patient Engagement

Healthcare consumer behavior is changing. Instead of going to a doctor, many turn to social media for help. According to a survey done by Charity RX, 1 in 5 Americans will consult TikTok for healthcare advice before their doctor. When it comes to sensitive health topics, people report feeling more comfortable seeking information virtually. To reach and engage this growing population, more healthcare providers are using TikTok as part of their marketing mix. 

11 mins
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