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Digital Transformation For High-Growth Healthcare Brands

Don’t let the digital age pass you by. Trust us to build you a comprehensive digital strategy that generates deep data insights, better patient experiences, and sustainable growth.

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Healthcare Digital Transformation Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Patients have entered the digital age and expect their providers to follow suit. We’re here to help healthcare groups do just that, resolving friction points across the patient journey and building personalized, intuitive, and user-centric websites that patients love.

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Make Your Mark

Visual Identity

First impressions matter, and your visual identity is the first thing patients see on your webpage. That’s why we create brand identities that patients fall in love with at first sight. 

We’ll work with you to nail down a holistic, patient-centric visual identity that inspires and excites prospects. From crafting your color palette to nailing down a video strategy, we provide you with the tools you need to create an unforgettable brand ethos.    

Once your visual language is defined, we create digital assets to support your new brand, including social cover images, email signatures, and Google Business Profile assets. Plus, we offer creative support for offline materials like brochures, business cards, and pamphlets.

How We Do It

Patient Research & Messaging Strategy

Unlock the secrets of your ideal patients and stand out with our research-based approach. We help you delve deep to identify what matters most to them and develop a messaging framework to guide your digital transformation. 

Patient Research

Truly understanding your patients is the first step to reaching them online. We help you identify your ideal patients and unique selling proposition by conducting thorough audience research, surveys, and voice-of-the-client interviews. 

Patient Journey Mapping

The path to conversion is complicated, but we bring clarity to the patient journey. Any misstep can lead a prospect away from your brand. Mapping the patient journey and discovering their motivations, influences, and processes is key to reaching patients when and where it matters most.

Messaging Strategy

Our research-based approach gives you a clear framework to create persuasive messaging that communicates your brand’s unique selling proposition. From your website to ads, your message will resonate with patients and motivates them to seek care.

The Cardinal Impact

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Digital Is In Our DNA

Discover Our Website Development and Technology Integrations

At the center of digital transformation is your website. Today’s healthcare consumers demand great digital experiences. Clunky websites just won’t cut it anymore. We can help you refresh your existing website, migrate you to a more user-friendly and SEO-friendly platform, or start from scratch with a brand-spanking new website. 

Multi-brand Theme Solutions

Ready to bring some organization to your multi-site chaos? Let us be your digital transformation strategist. Our custom theme development solution ensures each brand feels like part of the family, with a consistent look and feel that’s easy to roll out to new sitesand personalize as needed.

Easy-to-Maintain & Update

Digital transformation at scale is hard. Adding new providers, service lines, and locations is cumbersome, often delaying location launches and hindering growth. Our user-friendly backend and modular website development approach mean your team can make updates fast, without a developer.  

Strong & Scalable SEO Foundation

Want a website that’s not just a pretty face? Look no further! All our websites come with a solid SEO  foundation. We’ll streamline your site architecture, URL hierarchy, and technical issues to support your broader SEO strategy. That way, both patients and Google will be head over heels for your new website.

Flawless Redesign to Drive Conversions

Revitalize Your Online Presence

Let Us Be Your Digital Transformation Partner

When you have the right partner, digital transformation doesn’t have to be painful. Let us guide you to your new future.

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Give Your Patients What They Want

Drive Better Patient Experiences With Tech Enablement

Your patients want seamless digital experiences that make their lives easier. We uncover your website’s conversion barriers and help you implement the technologies that make it easier for patients to get the care they need.

Make Appointment Booking Effortless

Whether your patients prefer traditional contact methods or the convenience of booking online, we make it happen. We’ll add online booking systems, live chat, chatbots, and HIPAA-compliant forms to your website—so no matter how your patients prefer to reach out, you’re just a call (or click) away.

Stay Connected with Marketing Automation

We integrate your online booking systems with marketing automation platforms to ensure patients follow through with appointments (either via email or SMS). Better yet, marketing automation allows you to stay connected with patients and deliver crucial information they need to stay healthy.

Privacy-First Solutions

HIPAA-Compliant MarTech

Enhance your internal workflows and patient onboarding experience using our technology support, designed with privacy as a priority. In today’s environment, healthcare providers must carefully balance effective marketing strategies with strict compliance to privacy regulations.

Our solutions, fully compliant with HIPAA standards, can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website and CRM to ensure your marketing activities remain within the bounds of all legal requirements.

Alleviate Your Administrative Load

Bolster Efficiency With Digital Tech Integrations

Improve your internal operations and patient intake process with our front-end technology support. We can integrate online booking directly into your website and connect with your provider scheduling system to eliminate intake altogether. Win-win.

Streamline Administrative Tasks With Intuitive Tech Integrations

Going digital eases your administrative burden and boosts operational efficiency. We’ll help you by digitizing patient forms, implementing chatbots and two-way text reminders for appointments, and identifying solutions to monitor operational performance and intake. 

Plus, we’ll even help route digital inquiries to the right people and filter out the not-so-important stuff with call-routing solutions.

Dig Deeper With Tech-Empowered Analytics

Building an integrated tech stack is complicated, especially for multi-site healthcare groups. We’ll help you track your digital success by implementing conversion tracking, call analytics, and integrations with ad platforms and your CRM and patient management system.

With an integrated tech stack, you’ll have deeper insights into performance across your system. We’ll help you maximize patient volume at each location, identify capacity misalignment, and track the incoming lead pipeline.

Up until now, I’ve hated agencies. Cardinal has changed my mind—there is at least ONE incredible one out there. Their multi-site design is genius and connects the right audience to the right content at the right time. The work Cardinal has done has been thoughtful, creative, and compelling. It's some of the best I’ve seen in my career.

Alexandra Piersiak Vice President, Marketing & Member Acquisition
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Questions About Healthcare Digital Transformation?

Here’s what you can expect from our digital transformation services

Lots of factors can impact the timeline of a new website build. The number of pages, the number of brands we’re building for, and whether you need a completely new visual identity or just a refresh of your existing brand can all play a role. Another thing to consider is whether you’ll be rewriting all of the copy for the website, or if you’ll be reusing existing content. Will our team be rewriting the copy for you, or is that something your internal team handles? 

Keep in mind that at the start of every website engagement, we develop a roadmap with milestones, so you always know how long to expect the process to take. Plus, we have a proven, streamlined development process locked in place to ensure all of our websites are delivered on time and in spec.

We don’t install the CRM ourselves, but we can work with your implementation team to help out and ensure everything goes smoothly. We know what marketing integrations need to occur to ensure proper data tracking, call monitoring, and patient intake. You can rest easy knowing that new digital technologies are integrated properly and that your data transfers correctly. 

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