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We develop custom Facebook advertising strategies that bolster brand awareness and your patient pipeline.

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Social Media For Strategic Growth

Full-funnel Facebook Campaigns For Multi-Location Healthcare Organizations

Your patients are spending time on Facebook and Instagram. We help you meet them where they are via engaging paid social campaigns that build demand by connecting with patients at each stage of the patient journey.

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Find Patients In Their Favorite Corner Of The Internet

How Cardinal’s Full-funnel Facebook Strategies Boost Patient Volume

Paid Social That Engages Patients At Every Step

We intimately understand how patients move through the buyers’ journey and develop ad content that resonates with patients no matter where they are in the funnel. Complex health decisions take time; our strategy nurtures them at every step.

Social Ads Your Audience Will Definitely Love

Cardinal develops patient-centric messaging strategies and creative to connect with your audience on an intimate level. Our ads speak directly to their desires and pain points, creating a holistic solution to their needs that sparks their interest and attention.

Performance Branding That Drives Real Impact

We don’t just create advertisements that look pretty. Our paid social strategies build qualified audiences that lead paying patients directly to your business, helping you optimize revenue and boost your return on advertising spend.

Integrated Reports for Complete Transparency

We pride ourselves in our transparent reports and seamless collaboration with clients. You’ll always have full visibility into the performance of your social campaigns and access to all of your data in live dashboards that are updated in real-time.

Let’s Get Social

We’ll help you create performance-driven Facebook ad campaigns that lead loyal, paying patients right to your front door. Get in touch with us to learn how!

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The Pathway to Facebook Ads Success

Expand Your Pipeline With Strategic Facebook Advertising Tactics

Funnel-Based Messaging Strategies

We deploy funnel-based nurture strategies to reach your patients with the right message—and at the right time and place. Every patient’s journey to receive care is unique and requires a custom full-funnel paid social strategy. We help you capture their attention and nurture them with engaging creative until they’re ready to book.

Persuasive Copywriting

Copy is the foundation of successful ad creative. We give your brand a strong yet empathetic voice that helps you capture consumers’ attention and trust. Every ad that Cardinal creates is crafted to inspire meaningful action and to move prospective patients through the funnel.

Eye-Popping Design

Our design not only catches attention but captures the hearts of the patients who matter most. No matter the medium, we’ll craft scroll-stopping creative that engages healthcare consumers, whether that’s in a single image, carousel, or video format.

Data-Driven Creative Testing

We continuously monitor your Facebook ad performance to ensure you’re getting the highest ROI on your advertising spend. When we notice something isn’t working, we analyze and test.

HIPAA-Compliant Ads

We’ll help you supercharge conversions by aligning pre and post-click user experiences. User research and testing allow us to apply pre-click test learnings to your post-click landing page. We continue testing content, structure, and imagery across your post-click landing page and other key pages to convert clicks into booked patients.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

We leverage DCO to enhance creative reporting and optimizations across the entire funnel, building real-time campaigns tailored to individual patients. We regularly test DCO components in rotation to create the best combination on the market and increase CVR. 

Audience Enhancements And Optimization Strategies

We gauge how well different ads perform among various audience segments. Once we’ve determined performance by audience, we divide the top-performing ad set to continuously hone in on which content resonates with which audience.

It’s All In The Details

Our Proven Healthcare Facebook Ad Campaign Tactics

  • Tracking Pixel Installations
  • Retargeting Strategies
  • Ongoing Competitor Research
  • Custom Dashboards and Reporting
  • Ongoing ROI Enhancement
  • Engagement Rate Optimization
  • Targeted Audiences
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Lookalike Audience Building
  • Sponsored Likes
  • Facebook Power Editor Utilization
  • Bid Improvement

Our investment in Cardinal is the best money we’ve spent this year by a mile! The team is incredibly fast-moving, communicative, and helpful; they’ve really become an extension of our team. Our partnership has made our growth stress-free.”

Haley Jepson Marketing Manager
Paid Social Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Answer Your Questions About Healthcare Facebook Advertising

There are several answers to this question. For organizations looking to drive traffic, clicks, leads, MQLs, or other business metrics in a visible, repeatable way, investing in a Facebook advertising strategy that works is well worth the money. It all comes down to how valuable that traffic or that lead is to your business.

Also: consider that Facebook has over a billion users. You’ll find almost any customer segment on Facebook. And with Facebook Ad platform hyper-targeting tools, you can zero into highly customized marketing segments down to the neighborhood level. The costs for advertising on Facebook are comparable to Google Ads, but much more customizable for just about any goal, audience, or budget.

The real question is: what don’t we do? A Facebook marketing agency essentially makes sure your Facebook ads reach prospective customers and drive real results to your business. We start by creating a custom assessment of your goals, your target audience(s), your location needs, and your messaging. We’ll lay out a plan for the Facebook audience, ads, and spend to start with. Once the plan’s in motion, we monitor your Facebook ad performance as we go, making small tweaks here and major changes there (with your approval.) Oh: and we don’t stop fine-tuning to make your ads function flawlessly, even after they’ve brought in the revenue you were after. If that all sounds like a win, that’s because it is!

Reaching the right audience is becoming more difficult on social platforms. Recent updates to iOS effectively barred apps from tracking users across the web, severely curbing data access critical to advertising tools. Android plans to do the same in the next few years. Despite these challenges, we’re able to effectively reach your audience by leveraging strong ad creative, display advertising solutions (like StackAdapt), and retargeting strategies that re-engage qualified prospects.

Our team will get to know you through the initial discovery process and familiarize ourselves with your product offerings, style, and tone of voice. We can create all your ad content, adhering to your brand standards. But if you have your own creative team on staff, we’re also happy to work with them to put their ideas to work.

We want you to be completely confident that you’re getting your money’s worth for your Facebook marketing, so we contract accordingly. It takes a few months of testing and optimizing to establish a steady, predictable pattern of results. We’ll sign you on for an initial six-month contract to set the magic in motion. Throughout this time, we set performance-based goals for all our clients every 3 months, staying in constant communication with clients and continually monitoring performance to ensure they’re getting the results they expect.

Your dedicated Facebook advertising specialist will help you determine your top KPIs during your onboarding period. It may take some time in the beginning to find the right balance of content, placement, and audience optimization, but our strategists will keep fine-tuning the campaigns until they meet your goals within your budget. All of this information will be continually shared with you through custom dashboards and personal updates from your account manager, so you’ll know exactly when your Facebook campaign turns the corner toward success.

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