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Data-Driven Healthcare Email & SMS Marketing

Build stronger relationships, enhance the patient experience, and drive meaningful health outcomes with targeted email & SMS campaigns.

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The Power of Email & SMS Marketing

Patient Engagement for the Digital Age

In the digital era, healthcare consumers demand personalized experiences that make their lives easier. Revolutionize how you connect with patients using personalized 1:1 communications on the channels they prefer most, whether it’s email or SMS. 

We help you ensure every message reaches its intended recipient efficiently, ensuring a seamless communication experience.

Missed appointments will become a thing of the past. We’ll help you deepen your relationships and prevent patients from feeling abandoned with helpful communications delivered at just the right times. 

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Don’t Let Patients Slip Through the Cracks

How Cardinal’s Engaging Email & SMS Campaigns Help Your Practice Thrive

Prevent Patient Leakage & No-shows

Use automated SMS and email reminder campaigns to minimize no-shows and consistently maintain routine health checkups and monitoring.

Optimize Operational Workflows

Boost staff productivity by eliminating manual calls; instead, adopt email and SMS technology that diminishes routine tasks and guarantees patient attendance.

Strengthen Patient Relationships

Engage and empower your patients to stay healthy with targeted educational content. Fostering a sense of trust and connection will help deepen your patient-provider bond.

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Elevate your patient interactions with data-driven email and SMS marketing. Nurture them throughout their healthcare journey, from start to finish.

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A Tailored Approach to Patient Engagement

Discover the Full Spectrum of Email

Our creative team will craft compelling educational materials, newsletters, and personalized messages. We don’t just engage; we reactivate and prep patients for upcoming appointments.

Leveraging A/B testing, we ensure every piece resonates, while our segmentation approach tailors content based on patient interactions, ensuring a dynamic and captivating experience.

This approach guarantees a dynamic experience, whether it’s reactivating dormant patients or streamlining pre-appointment processes.

Stay Top of Mind, Keep Patients on Track

SMS Campaigns

Our SMS campaigns are designed to span the full patient journey, from welcoming new patients to winback strategies. We specialize in sending care-specific reminders and post-appointment follow-ups to ensure continuous engagement.

Boost patient retention and trust with health tips and updates to maintain an ongoing dialogue that positions your services at the forefront of patients’ minds.

How It's Done

Cardinal’s Approach to Email & SMS Marketing

Pre-Appointment Automated Workflows

Bridge the gap between booking and the actual appointment date with timely, automated content that educates them about pre-appointment preparations and what to expect. This proactive approach enhances the patient experience, ensuring they arrive prepared and informed.

Post-Appointment Automated Workflows

Streamline post-care communication by facilitating tailored email, SMS, and direct mail interactions. Whether it’s prompting forward booking, gathering feedback through surveys, or segmenting communication based on patient interactions, we ensure continuity of care and enhanced patient engagement.

Patient Win Back Reactivation

Utilize logic-based triggers to reconnect with patients due for appointments or to complete their care plans. After a set number of days, we send patients a tailored reminder via email or SMS, prompting them to schedule. This ensures continuous care and strengthens the patient-provider relationship.

Care-Specific Workflows

Personalize communication based on patients’ unique conditions and care needs. We help you develop custom workflows that align with the needs of patients receiving routine care or those with chronic illnesses. Email workflows ensure they get the reminders, education, and updates they need to stay healthy.

Patient Nurturing & Engagement

Our email and SMS campaigns engage patients with relevant, up-to-the-minute information. From newsletters and seasonal greetings to announcements about new services, physicians, or locations, our messages are tailored to keep your audience connected. We also incorporate promotions and special event notifications, enhancing patient rapport and trust. Our approach ensures your patients are always in the loop, strengthening the community around your healthcare services.

Maximizing Impact with Specialized Expertise

Unmatched Capabilities: The Core of Our Healthcare Email & SMS Solutions

Patient-Centric Communications

Our communication strategy, rooted in thorough research, mirrors your unique brand voice. By grasping the nuances of your patients’ journey, we craft empathetic and informative email content that strengthens your relationships and fosters connection.

Data-Driven A/B Testing

Deliver messages that make an impact. We use A/B testing and statistical analysis to optimize subject lines, email content, sending cadences, and design elements. This ensures high engagement and resonance with your patients.

Segmentation & List Management

Get out of the weeds and let us handle audience management and segmentation. We build audience segments using HIPAA-compliant data management processes to deliver personalized content based on patient needs.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Flawless Email Design

Our team excels in creating email designs that stand out in your patients’ inboxes by crafting templates that resonate with your identity and unique positioning.  

With a focus on building visually appealing and functional designs, we ensure each email is not just a message but an experience. We also optimize all our emails for mobile devices, guaranteeing a flawless and engaging user experience on any screen.

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Questions About Email & SMS Marketing?

It depends! The best choice between email and SMS reminders varies based on individual preferences and the nature of your content. SMS boasts an impressive open rate and is often ideal for immediate actions like appointment reminders and confirmations. However, for more detailed information like educational content, a newsletter via email might be more fitting.

We use top-tier HIPAA-compliant email service providers like Iterable, Paubox, Braze, and Vital Interaction to ensure your emails look and function great on any device. It’s all about making sure your patients get a flawless, engaging experience, no matter where you’re reading from.

We also have experience with any email marketing providers, and can work within the solutions you currently use.

We offer a range of services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for full-service campaign management, where we handle everything from start to finish, or you just need us to set up your system and design templates, we’ve got you covered. Our team can take the reins completely, ensuring every aspect of your email marketing is polished and effective, or we can build a solid framework for your team to run with. It’s all about what works best for you–full support or just the groundwork, we’re here to help in any capacity you need.

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