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Streamline your digital ecosystem and build a scalable digital marketing foundation that drives new patient volume across your platform. 


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Simplify the complex when you partner with an agency that understands how to build efficient digital foundations for master service organizations (MSOs) and dental service organizations (DSOs). 

Whether you’re a new MSO or need help restructuring an existing platform, we can help you build a scalable framework that can efficiently drive new patient volume. 

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Bolster Your Digital Presence

Scalable MSO Website Development

Our website development services help MSOs and DSOs build a strong, scalable digital presence that patients love.

Simple Multi-Brand Website Themes

Managing multiple websites gets complicated fast. We help you streamline your website ecosystem and develop a painless process for onboarding new acquisitions. Brands maintain a unified structure and hierarchy, while still being customizable to different patient personas

Painless Website Updates & Maintenance

Our modular website development approach makes it easy to update your website as you scale. We’ll giv e you a simple CMS that your in-house team can maintain and update. It’ll be easy to add new locations, providers, and service lines to your site (no developer needed!).

Strong & Scalable SEO Foundations

These aren’t just pretty sites. Our websites are built to rank. As healthcare’s #1 SEO agency, each website we deliver has SEO best practices baked in. We build out your site structure, architecture, and URL hierarchy to keep your brand where patients can find itat the top of Google. 

Discover The Cardinal Impact

We Have Deep-Rooted Experience Scaling MSOs

Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance (ARSA) is an MSO with multiple brands that retain their individual identities. While this approach was valuable for targeting market niches, it added some challenges to their media strategy.

That’s where we came in. To ensure ARSA met the patient acquisition goals for each brand, we built new accounts for each and segmented campaigns to better reach their audiences. Then, we refined the new keyword strategy and developed optimized landing pages for each brand.

Our efforts resulted in a 294% increase in patient volume—and a 73% decrease in CPA.

ppc strategy for a mso with different brands

Find Out Why We’re #1 For MSO Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing strategies have helped MSOs generate brand awareness, grow their patient volume, and increase revenue. Are you ready to be next?

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Reach More Patients With PPC

Leverage Google Ads and Drive Patient Volume

MSOs need patients fast, and Google Ad campaigns are the way to get them. Utilizing our proven Google Ad strategies, we help multi-brand MSOs capture local demand and get new appointments on the books with ease. 

How do we do it? We structure each of your Google Ads accounts to maximize efficiency and performance. We’ll consolidate where it makes sense to, then separate campaigns to support the needs of individual brands and locations. Your goals guide our strategy. 

We know how to balance lead volume goals and capacity requirements to build a dependable patient pipeline for steady growth.

Work Smarter With Data-Driven Insights

Integrated Analytics Deliver Insights Across Your Platform

We help MSOs ignite growth and expand patient volume by integrating analytics across the platform. This multi-level approach ensures you have visibility into each location and can operate at peak performance. Our integrated analytics and reporting capabilities help you make better-informed marketing decisions across all your locations. 

Helping MSOs with up to 500 locations scale is our specialty. That means we’re ready to provide robust reporting dashboards across every region, location, and brand. We break out your performance across every channel and platform you’re operating on so you know exactly which drives new patients to your MSO. 

We’ll also give you a bird’s-eye view to share with the C-suite and other key stakeholders. And if your marketing team requires deeper analytics to take action, we’ll provide those, too.

Rise To The Top Of The SERPs

MSO SEO Strategies for Search Dominance

You need an SEO partner that understands the complexities of ranking across dozens of locations, regions, and states. We develop a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically to MSOs to ensure that you rank organically in all markets. Our deep healthcare experience and understanding of the patient journey enable us to create full-funnel keyword and content strategies that convert prospects into patients. 

Local SEO at Scale

When managing dozens—even hundreds—of locations, having an organized and scalable SEO strategy is crucial. That’s where Cardinal comes in. Our deep-rooted expertise in scaling local SEO strategies means we can help your MSO do the same. Our proven methodologies ensure you’ll reach your patients across all your markets.

Multi-location Citation Management

Citations are a critical ranking factor for local search, but they’re notorious for getting messy as you scale. Inaccuracies and errors can ding your search rankings. We develop efficient systems to ensure accuracy across your listings and Google Business Profile pages. 

Scalable Technical SEO

Your growth shouldn’t impact the quality of your rankings. Cardinal believes in creating scalable website structures that set you up for long-term success, no matter how many new markets you enter. A scalable technical framework ensures your MSO’s content gets discovered, crawled, indexed, and ranked at a much faster rate.

Our Track Record

See How We Helped An Expanding ENT & Allergy MSO

When SENTA (Southern Ear, Nose, Throat, and Allergy) Partners approached Cardinal, the MSO was acquiring new allergy & ENT brands at breakneck speeds. Given the speed and scale of this growth, SENTA needed a strategic partner to adapt and scale its paid search strategy for new brands.

We optimized their pre-existing campaigns, then fine-tuned them based on location and brand. We revisited and bolstered their keyword strategy, then set up messaging and UX strategies to match each funnel stage. Finally, we optimized their landing pages and ad copy for precision. 

The results? A 218% increase in conversion rate, with a 40% increase in lead volume. And all that with a 63% CPA reduction.

We are thoroughly impressed with Cardinal’s ability to deliver a pipeline of high-quality leads to our door. Onboarding with them could not have gone any smoother, as they clearly value communication and transparency.

Ed Cunning Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience
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MSO Digital Marketing FAQs

Here’s what you can expect from our MSO digital marketing services.

We absolutely can. We specialize in creating website ecosystems that support various brand architectures. Whether you have one master brand, several regional brands, or retain all local brand identities–or maybe a mix. We’ve seen it all. 

The process starts with developing a central website structure, including site architecture, page hierarchy, and modules, that can be used as a foundation for each sub-brand. We then customize each sub-brand to match that brand’s visual identity with color, typography, etc. However, we make sure to implement a common look and feel that carries across all brands to ensure a consistent experience for site visitors. This approach makes it easier and faster to spin up new acquisitions in the future and allows you to have more fluidity as your MSO matures.

Definitely. High-growth MSOs need dashboard reporting that’s privy to their growth. While we build your MSO’s digital ecosystem, we’ll set up reporting capabilities from each brand’s digital assets. This enables us to get a clear snapshot of each brand’s performance, honing in on leads by region, city, and zip code. We also provide dashboards for all your regions, as well as a roll-up of all regions for key stakeholders.

As the trusted growth partner for multi-location healthcare brands, we’re ready to provide dashboards to give you visibility across your platform. Our dashboards emphasize performance measurement and follow information architecture best practices, meaning you’ll see clear results that are easy to digest with just a glance.

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