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Why Addiction Treatment Clients Trust Cardinal

We’re Experts In The Addiction Treatment Arena

We’re intimately familiar with the ins and outs of performance marketing for multi-location addiction treatment facilities — and our results speak for themselves.

We Break Through Growth Plateaus

We ignite ambitious growth with proven tactics to help you scale your addiction treatment center to new heights.

We’re Performance Marketing Experts

And we’re performance-driven to boot. We don’t let growth stop at “good enough”—we aim to exceed performance targets, every time.

We’re A Patient-Generating Machine

We’ve helped addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities crush their goals with proven patient generation tactics.

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Ready To Scale Your Treatment Facility?

We’re dedicated to empowering addiction treatment and rehabilitation brands with the digital tools they need to scale and accelerate their impact on the lives of their patients. Get in touch with us and discover how our custom performance marketing solutions can ignite meaningful growth for your facility.

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We’ll Scale Your Treatment Facility With These Core Services:

Addiction Treatment Marketing Matters

Help Patients Get The Care They Deserve

Find And Engage New Patients For Your Addiction Treatment Center

Cardinal’s medical marketing solutions focus on getting the right patients into your facility. Prospective patients need to understand the value of the service you provide and trust you’re experienced to help them conquer their addictions. You need to set yourself apart from other addiction treatment centers by highlighting your quality of service, program features, and reputation.


Digital Marketing And SEO for Addiction Treatment Centers

People rely on the internet to find medical information and treatment options. At Cardinal, our digital strategy will work to expand your web presence. We’ll drive new patients to your facility and help grow your drug rehab program.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you have a functional WordPress-based website, we can work on it. However, if you have a non-WordPress site, it may present some challenges that make search optimizations challenging or unattainable. After auditing your website and search performance, we’ll be able to recommend the next best steps. 

Meanwhile, if, for some reason, you’re not happy with how your website looks or functions, Cardinal can lend a helping hand as well. We’ll be more than happy to convert your treatment center site to WordPress from any CMS platform. Your website is the face of your treatment or rehab facility in the digital space, so you want a professional-looking site that will inspire trust among potential patients.

Our team of web design experts will help you develop a high-quality website that not only looks good but converts too. We also ensure that your addiction treatment center website features a strong SEO foundation, so patients needing your services can quickly discover it.

It depends. The actual time frame for tangible results will depend on the services you require and your existing marketing maturity. For example, you may observe positive developments with your paid search campaign within 90 days, while a full-scale SEO plan takes three to six months or even up to a year before seeing meaningful results. Other factors may also affect the time period before tangible results, such as your competition and current search rankings.

We generally set performance goals and metrics for all our clients every three months. Regardless of the services you need, your Cardinal team will provide comprehensive, data-driven results from meticulous planning and strategizing. 

In reality, a digital marketing campaign that’s worth your time and investment takes time. Cardinal is not your agency if you require immediate results.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Cardinal offers a wide range of services that will grow your addiction treatment facility and help change more patients’ lives. From search engine optimization to PPC management and web design to reputation management, our core marketing solutions will enable us to become your facility’s strategic growth partner. The only services we don’t offer are email marketing, organic social media posts, and traditional print advertising (Cardinal is a digital agency).

Having said that, we’re the nation’s top healthcare marketing agency because it’s where our hearts are. For instance, our PPC management team can breathe new life into your paid search campaign by maximizing performance and improving lead quality so you can meet your patient volume goals. Meanwhile, our Facebook Ads experts will manage and optimize your ad campaigns to build local brand awareness and achieve maximum ROI.

Regardless of your selected services, you can trust your digital marketing plan is tailor-made for your organization. Through steps like competitor audits and in-depth market analysis, Cardinal will craft a digital marketing campaign that will best serve your addiction treatment brand.

Yes, we can. However, we have to determine if it merits doing SEO and PPC on a national scale (i.e., search volume). Our experts at Cardinal will help you find out if there’s enough demand to warrant scaling your rehab marketing efforts on such a scale. On a side note, many addiction treatment facilities fly people in for rehab, so we could look at that angle for expanding the geographic area that we target with ads.

Ultimately, successful addiction treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities depend on attracting people who are most likely to use their services within their communities. Our marketing experts at Cardinal are proficient in robust local SEO methods that will help target qualified leads within your area. We know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry and have expert knowledge of the patient journey. In other words, we know precisely how to get people who need your help the most to your doors.

Optimizing paid search campaigns is what we do best. There are numerous ways to help reduce your addiction treatment center’s high CPAs. For starters, we’ll evaluate if your account structure is set up to leverage Google’s machine learning, which can help improve efficiency and reduce costs. Then, we can update your ad copy and creatives (e.g., changes to your CTAs) to ensure they align with patient requirements. In addition, we can develop highly targeted landing pages that will be linked to your ads. The landing pages will have crucial information about your addiction treatment facility, like location, services, insurance coverage, etc. There are many factors that influence media costs, and we’ll audit your campaigns to determine the best plan of action. Read our article on 6 Easy Google Ads Optimizations to Maximize Your Healthcare Budget to learn more about budget optimization best practices.

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Building a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy to Maximize ROI

From day 1 we've enjoyed our partnership with Cardinal Digital Marketing for bringing our vision to life. We are beyond thrilled with the outcome!

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