8 Reputation Management Strategies for Multi-Location Brands

Online anything that a potential customer wants to see about your brand is just a few clicks away. It takes vigilance to ensure that your reputation on the web is a good one. By putting the effort into these eight strategies, you can ensure that your brand is represented in a positive light.

8 Reputation Management Strategies for Multi-Location Brands

Maintain Accurate NAP Information Across All Pages

Your website, social media pages, Google My Business listing and any other destinations online all need to have accurate and up to date name, address and phone number information.

This makes a massive difference in your position in the search engines as inconsistencies can harm your ranking.

Out of date information on any of your profiles can also hurt your online reputation if you’re a franchise, as it makes you look careless, or worse, like you are no longer in business. If you have trouble maintaining all of your presences online, delete the ones that you do not use and keep the others updated.

Truly Listen to Customers

friends-referralsThe first and often most important part of social media participation is social listening.

Look at what is being said about your brand.

Be open-minded and realistic.

If customers are unhappy or if there are services that they want that you do not currently offer, you need to know about it.

Don’t Pretend People Aren’t Talking

Good or bad — ignorance is not bliss. If negative reviews or social media comments are posted, it is important that you see what people are saying.

Instead of feeling defensive, see if there is a way you can improve your service to avoid more negative comments in the future.


Make this a key component to your online reputation management program.

Have proper training and a proper guide in place to learn how to handle the various situations. Negative comments should be answered quickly and professionally.

Do not get defensive.

Instead, apologize and address the customer’s concern. This doesn’t just help you with this specific customer. It can show future clients that your brand is serious about customer satisfaction.

Through this, even your critics can become your best advertising.

Ask People to Leave Reviews

It’s true; all you have to do is ask.

Many people are happy to leave reviews when they learn that it can be a big help to the businesses that they love. Include signs in your location asking for a quick and honest review on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google or another review site.

Make sure that customers review the specific location they visited rather than the company as a whole.

Never ask for positive reviews; many review sites find this dishonest and it can result in your reviews being removed.

Google Loves Google and so Should Your Business

Your Google reviews are often among the top results when people search for your business. When they are detailed and positive, they can be a real asset to your company.

Be compliant when dealing with Google.

Ask people to leave reviews on G+, and follow the rules when it comes to pleasing this important online player.

Learn and Understand Your Audience

company-cultureForty-two percent of social media users expect a response within an hour or less when they address a brand online.

Learn what is appropriate and what is not when responding to reviews. Your answers should be prompt, courteous and, if possible, solve the user’s problem.

Stay Compliant

Don’t buy likes or comments or bribe people to leave good reviews.

This isn’t just wrong or against the policies of the sites where you may be reviewed — it is also illegal. And, if customers find out that you bought positive reviews, they will not trust the validity of the reviews you did not solicit.

Keep the review sites and your customers happy with your business. Instead of shilling for reviews, provide proper training to the people who work for you. This can encourage customers to leave valid reviews that show your business in a great light.

Your online reputation management can impact the success of every location of your business.

By working hard to keep a consistent and positive online presence, you can ensure that your reviews, comments, and social media interactions are a tool for your success.

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