How to Combine Online and Offline Marketing with Facebook Ads

Did you know that Facebook advertising can help you to reach your offline audience better for conversions than what you can generate online?

How to Combine Online and Offline Marketing with Facebook Ads

Did you know that Facebook advertising can help you to reach your offline audience better for conversions than what you can generate online?

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In fact, you can use Facebook ads to promote online and offline products, services, and events regardless of the competition.

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If you do this right, then you are practicing a form of marketing called blended marketing– a technique that connects the online and offline worlds by tracking and collecting data on how advertising on Facebook impacts revenue in stores and other offline channels.

Here’s what Facebook Offline Conversions are all about:

Facebook Offline Conversions

It’s not about eliminating old marketing formats or traditional strategies, it’s about taking advantage of both environments by implementing certain methodologies through new tools, formats, and media with the end goal to deliver a better experience to the consumer.

It’s a proven fact that using online and offline tools in the same campaign can increase purchase intention by the various ways you are staying top of mind.

Here are 8 Facebook ad tactics, you can implement on your own or with the help of a Facebook Marketing Company, that combine online marketing and offline marketing to increase sales:


1. Create a special day for fans and followers

Choose a day in which you reward your followers on social networks with some type of activity, discount, or special gift (this is especially ideal for local businesses such as bars or restaurants).

Having identified your offline audience (i.e., in-store customers, loyal members…) you can run a customized Facebook ads campaign that targets and rewards them:

Facebook Ads Campaign - Creating Audience

You should choose a slow day where there is not much demand for your product or service as to not disrupt regular operations. Creating a day to reward your loyal customers not only helps boost sales, it looks good for your brand.


2. Special discounts for fans and followers

Offer special discounts to your online fans and followers through Facebook ads to again thank them for their loyalty and engagement. Consider giving them an immediate discount that is likely to be used within their preferred time frame.

In this example, Gap offers a 40% discount and a 3-day shipping to its social media followers:

Creating Special Discounts for Fans and Followers

Although this type of advertising increases the cost per fan, it strengthens the relationship between the company and its customers on social networks by offering something back to them that is tangible and worthwhile.


3. Combine your radio and Facebook advertising

Social media advertising works if you truly understand your audience and if you are already involved in offline advertising methods like promoting your product or service on the radio, then Facebook and your favorite radio station can go hand-in-hand to engage customers. You can promote your offer on radio by directing listeners to your Facebook and vice versa to gain more awareness and engagement. Just make sure that the message is consistent, clear, and relevant to this audience. If you really want to unleash your creative side, come up with a radio jingle in which you invite others to see the offer on the web as exclusive content. Or simply leverage Offline Event Ads.

Offline Event Ads

This can be done by simply having an attractive Facebook ad that shows the details of your available promotion or exclusive content, thus prompting your followers to visit more often or gain new ones.

Investing in radio advertising can be expensive but it’s still an effective means if your ideal audience drives a lot and falls into a particular demographic that matches up with a specific radio station. We mention this tactic because it’s quick and effective if you do it the right way. Check out this study of what it’d cost to reach 1,000 people on various advertising channels:

Average Cost to Reach 1000 People


4. Host a selfie contest at your location

This tactic has been used by many companies but it’s still very effective if you offer something that is worth it to your customers.

To host a selfie contest, all you must do is publish your contest through Facebook ads and promote it at your physical location. In this example, Lens Village hosts a Selfie contest on a monthly basis where it rewards the most liked and most unique selfies:

Selfie Contest

This tactic is effective since many of those who enter the contest are interested or have bought from your business already. This tactic boosts your engagement and profits quickly when you need it.

In addition, you will strengthen authority in your customers’ eyes and become the go-to expert in your industry.


5. Deliver flyers

Prepare pamphlets or brochures that you can hand out on the street and also publish them through your Facebook advertising targeting a particular area or customer base.

Offline Marketing - Delivering Flyers

While it’s an added effort for followers of your networks, you’ll also be able to connect with an offline audience in a personal way, and they’ll soon remember your business and visit it online or offline more regularly in anticipation for your next deal or product offering.


6. Offer a discount for subscribers of your newsletter

This is similar to the previous tactic, but in this you’re focused on the email newsletter subscriber and a special offer or discount you can give them, or use it as a way to get the word out about a new product or upsell them on an existing one.

It’s also a great way to increase sales on any item or service that’s not performing as expected and boost engagement to get you through the recovery period. This technique also helps you to improve your email open rates.

Coordinating Email and Facebook Ads Marketing

7. Create blog articles that add value to your clients or users

You’re reading a perfect example. If you are gaining any knowledge from this, then maybe you look favorable upon our company and come back for more SEO marketing tips and advice. And here’s a secret: these types of blog posts can be applied to any type of business as a part of Content Marketing Strategy.

If someone hesitates to use you, then this can be the thrust that gives them that extra confidence to convert.

Like video tutorials, blog articles position you as an expert reference and over time people may look at you as an influencer. Sooffering free advice through your blog indirectly helps you sell more.

More importantly, you can share your best article on your Facebook page and then promote the post to reach people who will find it beneficial.

8. Mail people info about a social media raffle

To do this effectively, create a flyer in which you invite residents to participate in a raffle on your Facebook page and leave it in people’s mailboxes in the area.

The raffle prize should be related to your company and attractive enough for people to want to participate.

Offer attractive prize to your followers via email

This can help generate a lot of qualified followers which will likely come from the same locality that you’re most interested in. Plus, you strengthen your brand’s image in your area.

So what should you, or your Facebook Advertising Agency, keep in mind when combining your online and offline advertising efforts via Facebook ads?


1. Know your target audience

Who is your ideal customer? What’s their age range? What do they like? How do they buy products and what’s their income?

Before you can successfully run Facebook ads, it’s essential to get to know your target audience/buyer persona and use segments to personalize offerings to those specific demographics.

This is what KLM Airline did…they created a personalized ad to target customers who flew that particular week and even made them a personalized gift, too:

Create Personalized Ads

2. Be coherent and coordinate your actions

When using different online and offline channels with a common goal, try to make each action add up and work together to achieve the same objectives.

In most cases, the objectives boil down to:

  • Generating traffic
  • Acquiring leads
  • Getting sales
  • Increasing revenue.

Whatever the goal is, coordinating your actions can help you to win your campaign and profits– whether online or offline.

3. Convert online interactions into offline actions

To encourage prospects and customers to respond to your ad, it’s important to offer added value to the user like through a discount, contest, or making them feel like they’re part of an exclusive group by inviting them to visit your physical location.

4. Make it easy to share

Although it seems obvious, don’t forget to always include your social media buttons, website, and online presence in the print ads, billboards, and other offline channels that you use so that people know how they can further engage with your brand. Also, invite your social media users to share their photos, videos, and experiences with your business.

5. Bring out your creativity

Creativity can change the attitudes of consumers, both emotionally and rationally. Figure out how to capture the heats of your prospects through engaging and inspiring creative ads.

6. Measure your results

You may be asking yourself, can online actions combined with offline efforts be measured? Yes! Everything can be measured. And there are helpful tools to track everything so that you can see what is performing well.


A fundamental characteristic to keep in mind when combining online and offline marketing is to make sure it’s in line with your overall business model.

Strategies are different for each type of company and your model may limit how much you throw yourself into these tactics.

Ask yourself, do you have a local business? If the demand increases, can you fulfill it? Do your sticker prices allow large enough margins for offers to be made? Is your sector or industry going to grow this year? Do you sell on the internet? Are the processes you follow clear and easy?

These are just some of the questions that affect online and offline marketing tactics that can boost your sales.

Being clear about the business model allows you to establish a winning marketing concept that focuses the right customers. In turn, this translates into sales and revenue for your business.

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