We’re Attending HMPS 2024: Revolutionize Healthcare Marketing with HIPAA Compliance and Innovation

HMPS 2024 is right around the corner, and it's set to be a game-changer. Join us to uncover the event's unmatched value and see how Cardinal is all geared up to bring our specialized knowledge in HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing to Las Vegas.

We’re Attending HMPS 2024: Revolutionize Healthcare Marketing with HIPAA Compliance and Innovation

What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, but not this time! The insights and skills you’ll gain at the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit (HMPS) 2024, happening from April 17-19, will stick with you long after.

What’s the big deal?

Brought to you by the Forum for Healthcare Strategists, HMPS is where the brightest minds in healthcare marketing come together to share new ideas and strategies that will help shape the future of the industry. 

This isn’t just another conference; it’s a chance to tackle the challenges we all face in healthcare marketing and find smart solutions together. Think less jargon, more real talk.

And we’ll be right there with you at Booth #14!


Our Mission at HMPS: Connect, Learn, and Lead in Healthcare Marketing

At Cardinal, we’re passionate about helping healthcare organizations connect patients with the care they need by crafting data-driven, HIPAA-compliant marketing solutions.

We never settle and continually seek opportunities to improve our work and impact, which means learning and sharing insights on current marketing trends, technologies, and strategies with other industry leaders. That’s exactly why we’re headed to HMPS this year—to mix, mingle, and share ideas to help us all become better marketers, so we can connect more patients to care. Medical marketing is marketing that matters. 

Marketing Solutions for a HIPAA-Regulated World

Over the past year, OCR’s administration and enforcement of HIPAA rules have forced marketers to forget everything they know about capturing data and building ad audiences. HIPAA has fundamentally changed how you market to patients. Familiar tools and data sources are now off-limits, and you must adapt or risk a serious lawsuit. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our unique approach to HIPAA-compliant patient acquisition isn’t just about playing it safe. 

We help you bring in new patients, fuel revenue growth, and collect data-driven insights while safeguarding patient privacy–no compromises are needed. From building a fully compliant martech stack to developing a full-funnel media strategy, we ensure you engage patients effectively at every step of their journey to find care. Here’s how!

How We Build Compliant Martech Ecosystems to Fuel Data-Enabled Advertising

When it comes to navigating this new HIPAA-regulated marketing world, it’s all about striking the right balance. At Cardinal, our process is designed to guide you through evaluating the risks and crafting a digital strategy that engages patients and complies with HIPAA regulations. Let’s walk you through:

Tech Health Check: First, we ensure your current marketing tools and tech are HIPAA compliant. No stone is left unturned. We’re talking about everything from tracking pixels to your entire marketing stack.

Switching to Safe Tech & Smart Data Capture: If you’re using tech isn’t up to HIPAA snuff, we’ll find you privacy-first alternatives. We also focus on capturing the important stuff, like patient data from EHRs and appointment scheduling, all within HIPAA guidelines.

Unified Tracking & Smarter Ads: We’ll get you set up with HIPAA-compliant tech solutions like Freshpaint, Liine, Patient Prism, or Mixpanel (just to name a few) for clear, unified tracking to ensure that quality data captured is safely sent back to ad platforms  Then, we use that data to make your ads more effective!

Flexible Reporting: Our custom dashboards are designed to be flexible and fast, allowing us to iterate quickly for different stakeholders. Reports are adaptable and insightful, helping you track from the first website visit to revenue. 

Full-Funnel Strategy to Connect at Every Stage: We use a full-funnel approach, engaging potential patients from initial awareness to final conversion. We invest in creating targeted content for each stage of the patient journey, ensuring it’s not only informative but also encourages action.

We’ve cracked the code on merging HIPAA compliance with powerful marketing strategies that connect providers with patients. Our approach will give your healthcare marketing the edge it needs in today’s competitive landscape, which is exactly why we’re bringing our know-how to HMPS.

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