For those who didn’t watch the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday night, you missed quite the show. By now, however, it’s nearly impossible to not have caught wind of Miley Cyrus’ over-the-top, vulgar performance. It’s all over the media on the radio, TV and Internet. To check out what all the buzz is about, all you have to do is jump on your computer, phone or tablet.

The Internet has made virtually every piece of information in this world available and easily accessible. And today’s technology has made the Internet accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. Celebrities and their publicists know this and use their various social media channels to connect with the world, get noticed by millions and maintain a presence.

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Giving the Famous Even More Fame

Celebrities use social media to establish and reinforce their image and brand. They can communicate directly with fans, express their opinions on topical matters, and even make a little extra cash by Tweeting product endorsements. Khloe Kardashian reportedly makes $13,000 for a SINGLE Tweet to publicly stand behind a product.

For Cyrus, the amount of Twitter feedback she received during her overtly sexual song and dance may prove to be fruitful later on. Her performance got 306,000 Tweets per second, whereas this year’s Super Bowl got 268,000. Having your name trending on Twitter among more than 550 million users and being wrote about in major news sources makes it hard for people to forget your name. And with her latest album “Bangerz” getting released on October 8th (you’re welcome, Miley), it has made many wonder if she acted “inappropriately” on purpose to stir up talk and album sales. Many publicists and celebrity gossip experts would admit that as long as people are talking about you, even in a negative fashion, it’s great advertising. Radio stations and national networks, such as E!, are still talking about how they can’t stop talking about it.

What’s ironic about Twitter and Cyrus is that she has repeatedly quit the social media channel over the years, cursing its public forum and how much gossip it helps to spread. It seems she has changed her tune…for now.

Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon

Cyrus’ fellow VMA performers ‘N Sync  also recognized the opportunity Twitter presents to reach millions of people in an instant. They took to the social media channel prior to the show to generate hype — and presumably ratings — for their reunion during bandmate Justin Timberlake’s acceptance of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. ‘N Sync reportedly created an account just for this purpose since their band existed during a time Twitter didn’t.

When it comes to fame and worth, our society tends to directly tie these two to how many Twitter followers a celebrity has. There always seems to be talk of ongoing competition between the top celebrities at that time, seven of them are currently musicians coincidentally enough (or perhaps not). Cyrus may not currently be in the top 10 (she’s 32), but she seems to know how to keep her 13,411,872 Twitter followers, 171,510 Google+ followers and the people behind her 28,249,255 Likes on Facebook entertained. After all, I did just write a whole blog about her.

From a marketing/PR standpoint, do you think Twitter is an efficient social media channel for celebrities?