Everyone in social media is looking for more or better “engagement”. But what does that really mean and how do you track it?

The evolution of big data has made it possible to turn customer insights, even ones as vague as engagement, into actionable tactics to drive results. From Google Analytics to Facebook Insights you can now track how your social media posts and promotions are doing and how engaged your audience is with your brand.

Today we have compiled a list of the free tools available to track your social media marketing metrics. While some of these free tools listed do have a traffic limit before an upgrade is required, they areeffective and can provide tremendous insight into how effectively you are engaging and converting target audiences.

Buffer buffer

Buffer is a great option for all your social needs.

The free plan allows you to connect multiple accounts and also assists in generating the content for you. The dashboard is conveniently organized into tabs including Buffer Picks, Marketing, Inspiration, Business & Startups, Lifehacking and Design.

Each tab features relevant content to that subject matter in case you run out of ideas. Of course there is also the option to upgrade to their “Awesome” plan to gain access to additional features like sharing content directly from your RSS feed.


Instagram is becoming one of the most widely used social media platforms since let’s face it, people can’t refrain from images. The challenge lies in how to effectively use and monitor Instagram and IconoSquare has mastered it.

Upon registering you can designate the time zone your statistics will be calculated from and where they are retrieved, i.e. email. Many businesses have avoided this platform due to the lack of ability to manage from a computer, IconoSquare also solves this dilemma.


Pinterest unfortunately is often underestimated for its ability to drive traffic and conversions. Viralwoot was created in spite of the doubt.

Scheduling pins in advance, promote pins, and creating alerts for your pins are just some of the free features available.

Roughly 40,000 individuals and businesses use Viralwoot to monitor Pinterest, and with a free suite offering like this it’s hard to pass up.

FollowerWonkFollower wonk

This should be everyone’s Twitter expert. Not only do you have access to your own breakdown of followers and activity, type in the username of a user of interest and view their follower information as well.

One really interesting feature is the social authority ranking system. Followerwonk has implemented a 1 to 100 point scale that measures the influence of users’ content, providing insight into your own influence as well as who your most influential followers are and ways to target them.


For a one-stop-shop comprehensive solution, Cyfe is a great option. The dashboard integrates literally everything; from your company’s databases to social media platforms and analyzes it all in real time.

Cyfe also offers widgets for an assortment of services including PayPal, WordPress, SalesForce and an array of social media platforms. You can also create multiple dashboards with Cyfe, or pick and choose the metrics that matter most and compile them all in one place.

With big name users like Groupon and Salesforce.com comprising their 70,000 users, Cyfe is an irresistible business solution.

Did we miss anything? Do you have a tool that you can’t live without? Share with us in our comments or tweet us @cardinalws and share what tools you use to impact your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

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