Paid search is not about throwing a message into 100 characters and calling it a day, but rather another medium for which to speak to your potential buyer. The way you speak to your consumer is the way the customer perceives your brand, and being consistent is crucial in separating you from the competition. Whether or not you are a big player in the market, creating a sense of recognition, even via paid search will help you to build brand equity and credibility amongst buyers.

With the average person seeing more than 5,000 messages or ads every day, getting past your prospects’ virtual blinders and getting them to click will need a little effort in the fight for their attention.

A few of the best ways to keep your message front and center, without deviating from your brand are to:

1. Focus on your unique selling points.

What makes your company different? Do you excel on value pricing? Do you offer a higher quality? Are your materials sourced in a way that is more sustainable or authentic than your competitors’? Customers like the opportunity to do a bit of self-selection before they invest time looking at your site. Give them reasons why your company is the one they want to do business with. By clearly communicating what sets you apart, you make them curious enough to take a look.

2. Think about your prospect’s buyer journey.

When you create an ad with a paid advertising campaign for your franchise or business, who is it for? Are you dealing with an audience that is already aware of your brand, or one that is new to you? Are your potential customers people who are just starting their search process or have already completed their evaluation phase and just need a little more information? Instead of blindly focusing on generic keywords, to capture clicks, think about the queries your prospects are making and why. What information do they need from you? By creating an ad that answers a question or provides a solution, you can pique your prospect’s interest and get a chance to tell them more on your site.

3. Test for effectiveness.

If you are only going for obvious generic keywords and not testing which ones work best, you are probably throwing away a good portion of your budget.
To find the best keywords, think about what potential buyers are trying to learn when they perform their queries. If you are an HVAC company, you might aim for people who are trying to diagnose an air conditioning problem. By going for the more complex, long-tail keywords, you reduce competition and get people who are more likely to be in the market for the service you are offering. Test one campaign against another. Over time, you can dramatically increase your ROI.

reading your ad4. Speak to your audience in a way that makes sense to them.

All of your ad content should be customized for the its audience. You would not talk to a Millennial the same way you would to a Boomer. Keep in mind the language that will resonate with your user and entice them to take an action. By addressing each audience separately, you can talk more directly to them and make a connection.

Blend this concept of knowing your audience with where they are in their buying process to truly understand what they are looking for and provide it to them. This can be accomplished from the first point of contact on the SERP page, to the second and third touch-points throughout the internet.

5. Create compelling landing pages to go with each ad.

If you are sending potential buyers to your home page, where they have to search around for what they are looking for, you are losing out on opportunities to continue the conversation. Potential buyers who spend too much time looking for options will get confused or bored and navigate away, wasting what you spent on that click. Over time, this will hurt your Quality Score, which in turn will increase your costs and negatively impact your ROI.

When you send a user to a landing page that is specific to your ad, you can expand on the points made in your ad. Then, ask them to complete a single, specific action. Whether you want them to sign up for a free trial, contact you for a demo or purchase then and there, state it outright. This clarity allows you to gently guide people toward the conversion and make them feel happier about the entire buying experience.

With a majority of purchasing decisions starting with search engines, paid search is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Our Charlotte digital marketing agency takes advantage of it, and you should too. Use it creatively to rise over your competition in the results and capture the interest and business of your best prospective clients.