You may have notices that some Google+ Business pages have a little check badge to the right of their logo. What does that mean?

Small as it may seem, that checked badge signifies authenticity of the Google Local page in the consumers’ eyes. This makes the business and the information presented on their plus page seem more credible,trustworthy and reliable. The verification badge simply indicates that Google recognizes that page as an actual business. If that badge could speak, it would say “This business is a real place!”.

So you might be looking at your own business Google+ Local Page and saying to yourself, “how do I get a checked badge?”  It is easy as pie (mmm, apple pie)!

A checked badge will appear once you create your Google Listing and have it verified by Google. You will have the option to verify your business via phone or by mail (Google will send you a postcard with your verification code). Once you enter the verification pin you received, Google will verify the listing on their end. Note that it might take a couple of weeks before your listing goes lives. Once the page is live, you can then upgrade it to a Google+ Local page.

For SEO purposes, it is very important to have a Google+ Local Listing. So if you are trying to increase your rankings, like every other business on the web, don’t skip this step! Link your website, include business hours, photos, and share posts about your business to your followers. Don’t forget to create listings on other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and MapQuest.