Last week, we shared How to Approach Negative Online Reviews, but let’s take a step back to examine the sites that are even worth your time as a business owner. Check out our Atlanta Internet marketing agency‘s 10 favorites, and get a bit into the mind of your future customers in approaching them. All of these sites offer mobile apps or are accessible from the browser on your mobile device, giving you even greater reach.

Google+ Local/Google Places for Business, Yahoo! Local and Bing Places

Being that our business is SEO, we’d be remiss to not mention a few of the most important consumer review sites, which are attached right to the search engines you use every day. It’s no secret Google, Yahoo! and Bing all attract tremendous traffic. With SEO working its magic, a potential customer can not only stumble upon your website on their search engine, but your reviews as well – all on one page.

Who wouldn’t want the quickest and easiest way possible to get a snapshot of a business in which he/she is interested? So take advantage of the one-stop shop and tell your customers what you want them to know about you upfront, what will compel them to keep reading and ultimately purchase something.

To make your decision even easier, you can create accounts for free on all of them. Yahoo! also offers two paid options that offer enhanced features.


My dinner date nights were revolutionized when I was introduced to the free site Yelp. With practically innumerable filters to target your search, I saw the names of dozens of restaurants of which I had never heard. I discovered local treasures and gave them my money just because they were on Yelp. And a good meal isn’t the only thing I’ve got out of it. Owners of spas, home service companies, body shops, health centers and more can get onboard. In addition, Yelp reviews tend to show up on the first page of search results offering business owners more visibility.


Kudzu was created to save homeowners time and money, which it can do for you as the business owner, too. Kudzu specializes in service providers and provides uncensored reviews and daily deals. Business owners can create a free basic profile with your website, hours, specials and more, or register for an enhanced profile with leads and ROI tracking, top search listings, and other extra features.


No, your Facebook page is not just a forum to share goofy pictures of your employees and get 23 likes out of it. There is a review and rating feature that comes free with your free profile. With more than a billion people from all over the world on the popular social media site, it would be a shame to miss out on reaching all your future customers among them.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is great for home repair and healthcare service business owners. You can create a free account, and they only post certified, honest reviews. In addition, they offer a Complaint Resolution Program to help you handle any negative reviews you might receive. More than two million loyal homeowners use it to get an accurate depiction of what your company can offer them; leave the right impression from the beginning.


For travel-related business owners, especially owners of hotels, this free site is a must. TripAdvisor dominates the online travel community with more than 260 million unique monthly visitors and 34 countries of reach. The site provides users with vacation rental calculators, city guides, rate comparisons, real photos from fellow travelers and then some. With reviews and ratings broken down by category, TripAdvisor keeps people coming back. Might as well give them something to talk about with their family and friends.


Citysearch is a free, user-generated site that focuses on local businesses and gives a percentage of thumbs up and down your company receives from users. There’s even the potential to become one of the Best of Citysearch companies based on user votes. Users love this site because it offers honest opinions of the business.

The Better Business Bureau

This free-to-consumers site examines companies against a set of pre-determined best practices for how a company should treat consumers. It shows company bios, accreditation statuses, any history of complaints and resolutions, customer reviews, and an overall school-like A-F rating. The site invites accredited businesses to pay to be noted as such, and to pledge to adhere to their Code of Business Practices.

The Better Business Bureau is arguably the most trusted among all of the aforementioned sites and should serve as a goal for every business owner with which to get accredited.

If all this seems too overwhelming, call our Atlanta Internet marketing experts to learn about our reputation management services.

Which consumer review site do you use the most?