What does that even mean and why is it important?

Maximizing your online presence means getting the most return for your online efforts.

Cardinal Web Solutions can help you maximize your efforts because we understand your time is valuable and your resources are always limited.

The key to maximizing your online presence is discovering the impact of your online actions so you know where to focus your efforts. You do that by deciding what social platforms meet your needs, how to represent your business on each platform based on how they are used, and how to publish content that reaches your target market.

Social Networking Platforms

The five most popular social networking platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ respectively.

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Everyone is on some sort of social platform.

Facebook is arguably the most popular with 900,000,000 active monthly Facebook users.

However, just because it is the most popular, does not mean it is for your business.

Big brands realize success on Facebook if they are promoting their brand or looking for brand engagement, but if you are looking to make a sale Pinterest might be a better fit. Twenty-one percent of people with Pinterest accounts have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest (Hubspot).

Even though Google+ is No. 5 on the list it is essential to local businesses because of the effect it has on Google Map listings. An optimized Google+ page can have a huge impact on how and where you show up on SERPs (Search engine results page).

Your Online Presence

Your online presence is how your business or brand appears online; Basically it’s what you do and where you do it.

Even if you have a pretty good grasp on how to position your business it might be time to reconsider.

Desktop now accounts for just 40 percent of digital media engagement, while mobile represents a solid majority at 60 percent,” According to comScore.

We continue to dive into media engagement and we see that 52 percent of all digital media engagement, and about seven out of every eight minutes on mobile, is driven specifically by mobile app usage.

Why is that important?

Facebook is the No. 1 app in both size and share of time spent across all age groups.

Around 76 percent of Twitter users access the social network on their mobile device.

Due to this, your online presence better be mobile friendly too.

Reaching Your Target Market

This is always a challenge, no matter what industry you’re in.

Just getting your target audience to like your page on Facebook is a challenge.

Luckily for you Facebook knows this and is willing to help, you just have to pay.

Is it worth it?

On average Facebook ads cost a third of Google Adwords. Campaign goals can range from website traffic to post engagement and to drive conversions. Facebook conversion tracking gives you the ability to determine how many conversions can be attributed to your ad campaign, the cost per conversion, and the revenue generated by the campaign. Facebook ad targeting is based on interests, demographics and geographic location.

To recap

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  1. Find the social network that aligns best with your target audience
  2. Make sure your online presence is easily accessed by your target audience
  3. If you want to make an impact online, you’ll have to open your wallet


Meeting your audience on social media is a key component of a successful digital marketing campaign. Cardinal Web Solutions has a knowledgeable social media team that wants to help you reach your customers.



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