While the product being manufactured is deadly, and the casualties resulting from the operation have been tragic, Walter White has always taken pride in process and quality.

As the final episodes of Breaking Bad are released, I find myself recounting the story from the early seasons. Right from the start, Walter White, (aka Heisenberg) has been a stickler for the process. Often to the point of lunacy (see the fly episode), Walter has taken great pride in the process of manufacturing his product to ensure that it is the absolute best on the market.

Bear with me, because I know that there is a terrible dark side to this television series, but let’s try and focus on the business aspects themselves. Even when Walter and Jesse were a “start-up” cooking in the run down Bounder RV (The Krystal Ship), the focus was on quality. Walter did not allow the inexperience of his partner nor the primitive workspace to have a negative effect on the quality of the end product. If they made a mistake, they started over. Inferior results were simply not an option

Imagine if every employee in a business felt this way. From the newly-hired intern to the CEO, what if not one team member ever settled for second best?

The best products and/or services come from businesses that employ PROFESSIONALS AT ALL LEVELS. Whether it is an entry-level role or executive leadership, all players in an organization must pay close attention to detail and take great pride in everything they do or quality will suffer company-wide.

In Breaking Bad, Walter White has certainly been motivated by money, but the quality of the product was a sense of personal pride for him. Anything less than the absolute best, why bother at all?

Unfortunately a company-wide dedication to service and quality is too often not the norm. Creating and maintaining a company culture like this requires a great deal of work. Even before a candidate is hired, a business must be communicating a culture of excellence.

At Cardinal, we are dedicated to the best possible service. We are human beings, and that means we are not immune to mistakes, but NEVER is it an error of known negligence. Every employee is critical to the success of the agency, and every Cardinal team member understands that.

We currently have a few open positions. Are you dedicated to excellence in everything you do? If so, we would certainly like to meet you.