I had heard for a long time that Disney World is a place of magic, a place where happiness knows no bounds.  While those are grand statements, they are understatements in my opinion.

I went into my family trip to Disney a skeptic, unsure how a company could produce “magic”.  I didn’t believe that a company could create wonder and amazement the way people had spoken of it.  When we arrived the first morning at the Magic Kingdom we watched Mickey and the crew give a  welcome dance after disembarking from their train.  While that seems obvious to those that have seen them come to the park on this train, if you actually think about how that translates to attention to detail it’s pretty phenomenal.

In order to further the notion that these characters are real, Disney goes to such a length as to bring them in on an actual train, they don’t just pop out of nowhere.  This attention to detail and creativity was rampant throughout my stay at Disney.  One evening while we were away from our hotel room our housekeeper took a stuffed animal and a toy bow and arrow and created a scene from the movie Brave in our hotel room.  None of the items she used in this recreation were standard in a hotel room, we brought them with us.  There was no compensation directly tied to her doing all of this for us yet she did it to create a bit of magic for our son.  Not only was I amazed by what every employee does with their creativity but I was also stunned by Disney’s attention to detail.

We were about to ride their jungle safari ride in the Animal Kingdom and one of the ride workers noticed a sticker was peeling a bit from a kiosk.  Once he noticed it he immediately called it in to their maintenance department. I was shocked that a kiosk worker would care that much about a tiny detail AND that there was a system to deal with it.

This creativity and attention to the minutia is what creates the magic.  I had realized that great people using great systems can create magic.  After a full day at the Magic Kingdom, my son and I were headed to get an ice cream sandwich.  He looked up at me and said, “Daddy, this is the best day ever.”

I went into my trip to Disney thinking I was going to a theme park, I came away from Disney knowing I had just experienced the most magical company on earth.