Recent marketing studies have shown the tremendous influence that an effective social media campaign can have. Don’t let amateur mistakes prevent you from reaching your brand’s potential. Follow these guidelines to maximize your social marketing success.

  1. Brand Consistency – Maintain a consistent look and feel across various social media platforms. You should use the same logo and color scheme across your website, Twitter, Facebook, your email marketing, and any other social media tools you use.
  2. Have a Conversation – Large corporations were doing all the talking for decades, but now the consumer is demanding to be heard. The reward for those who will listen is tremendous customer loyalty. Ask questions and begin discussions on Facebook and Twitter to engage consumers and keep your brand at the top of their minds. You may even learn something useful from their comments!
  3. Nobody Likes Spam – Talk to your customers and keep them informed, but do not clog their newsfeed with off-target status updates. Your posts should be relevant and interesting to your consumers, or else they will hit the “Unlike” button faster than you can say “Zuckerberg.”
  4. Reward Your Followers – By choosing to follow you, your fans are displaying their loyalty to your company, and they expect something in return. A special offer or contest might be a big hit, but there are other ways to show your appreciation as well. For example, let your followers be the first to know about a big announcement, or entertain them with a funny picture or piece of trivia from the office.
  5. Offer a Promotion – Promotions are a great way to offer an incentive to your followers. Not only can they bring in business, but they are also a good way to gauge interest and directly measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Whenever someone enters a contest or brings in a coupon that you shared through social media, you will see the influence of your campaign.
  6. Don’t Forget to Share – Social media marketing is based on the same concept as viral marketing and word-of-mouth; ultimately, it all comes down to sharing. The more interesting, high-quality content you provide to your followers through social media, the more likely they are to share this content with friends. Make sharing easy by adding Facebook’s “Like” button to various sections of your website.