We are moving! That’s right, we are packing up the desks, the foosball table, and the memories and heading south from Norcross to Buckhead to start our new adventure and defend our title as the Southeast’s Fastest Growing Agency.

However, before we leave it’s a time to reflect, a time to look back and remember all of the great times we had and all of the accomplishments we made in our Norcross office. In honor of our new beginning, here are just a few of the memories we made and the events that have led us to this next step for our agency.

  1. We won here! I’m not just talking about the foosball games, I am talking real awards. It was here that we celebrated being named the 831st Fastest Growing Company by the INC 5000 and where we cheered as The Agency Post named us the Fastest Growing Agency in the Southeast. Was it the location or the amazing people and hard work? We know the answer, but we will always remember the thrill of hearing Alex cheer from his office when he got the call. inc pic
  2. We grew here. When Cardinal first moved into the Norcross office in March of 2012 we had a grand total of six employees. Since setting up shop we have grown to 40 employees and gained an ever increasing number of invaluable clients. We have attracted top talent from all over the south as well as fostered talent with our incredible internship program. With an 80 percent retention rate in our internship program we have proved that we not only recruit the best, but we also train and retain the best in the business. team
  3. We were challenged. Not just by our clients but we challenged ourselves both in and out of the office to grow stronger as marketers, team members and community leaders. We haven’t just tackled larger clients, bigger needs, and even more Google updates. As a group we have tackled whitewater rapids, stone summits, and community events such as volunteering for Toys for Tots and developing a partnership with C5 Atlanta to mentor students. Toys for Tots stone summit
  4. We cheered on our clients and each other. When Georgia State University wanted to celebrate Homecoming this year our team was first in line to sign up for a #PantherParty, showing our support throughout the office, at the game and, most important, online where our company and GSU alumns gave shout outs to the #PantherParty and #AllBlueAllIn effort. Panther Party
  5. Lastly- we celebrated big wins for ourselves and our clients. When Papa Johns Atlanta hit their first 5,000 likes on Facebook we celebrated with, what else, a pizza party! And when our sales team brings in a new partner they don’t just get a “well done” from a few people, we ring the gong and celebrate their hard work and our ability to take a new client and ignite their growth with our targeted solutions. Gong

This office has been great for us, but with growth comes changes and this new change is a big one. However, as I said before, we know that it isn’t the office that brought us our success. It is our people. And now we are ready for a new office, a new home away from home, where we can strategize new marketing campaigns, host our clients and partners, and continue to grow as marketers and as a team.

Want to see more of the new office? Stay tuned next week for an updated look at the new office that Cardinal will call home. We may be a little biased, but it’s going to be really really ridiculously good looking…just like our team.