If only I had taken advantage of an internship or five while in college and just after, maybe I could have avoided some of the awkward job interviews early in my career.

Employer: So tell me about any relevant work experience you have had?

Me: Uh…well….did I mention that I played a lot of hacky sack in college?

Employer: Thanks, we will be in touch.

Fast forward a few years, ok more than a few, and being on the other side of that conversation I really cannot stress the value some sort of experience has on my hiring decisions. Graduating from college is a wonderful accomplishment, but thousands upon thousands do that every year, what else ya got?

Having spent even just a few months as an intern within a similar business tells me that a given candidate probably has a grasp on my most basic expectations. They have experienced some sort of workflow, internal and external communication, appropriate attire, and other common daily nuances of a professional environment.

Using SEO as an example, an internship is often the difference between a candidate knowing the purpose of SEO, and knowing what actually goes into producing top notch SEO results.  This is a HUGE head start. Hiring an entry-level employee and ramping up their productivity is a large investment for any company, a candidate with even a basic understanding of the big picture goals cuts the ramp up time tremendously.

Here at Cardinal we have hired interns in the past, and some have gone on to other adventures, while a few are still here as permanent Cardinal rock stars. Either way, I believe that every intern that has contributed to Cardinal, has received a boost in experience and confidence that has propelled them on the path to a successful career, or at least exposed them to things they definitely would not want to do. Not to mention having a blast while they were with us!

As 2014 approaches, like a speeding train, we are interviewing for the next round of interns to join Cardinal in Early January 2014 and take the first step in building an awesome career. If you are a college student or recent graduate in the Atlanta area and would like to learn a TON about digital marketing while having the time of your life, get in touch with us via our intern portal

We are looking forward to meeting you!