With fresh morning dew on the grass and the aromatic smell of basil in the air, Hands on Atlanta Day began at 9 AM on Saturday, October 5.  The Cardinal team gathered for a fun-filled day of volunteering, working to support the local community by harvesting fresh basil, sweet potatoes, tilling the garden and building a fence around a three-acre urban farm.

Planting the Seed of Service

Our CEO, Alex Membrillo, is passionate about serving the community around us. It was inspiring to see him not only instill these values in our team, but also in his adorable 4-year-old son, Oliver, a.k.a. Olly! Alex brought his son along to help us out, and it’s a good thing he did – boy, can that little guy work! He helped by pulling weeds as well as digging up and carrying sweet potatoes that were planted in the garden. Catching glimpses of his wide-eyed amazement at the sights and sounds of the day was heart-warming and refreshing to see.

One of the greatest parts of the day was taking a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that all our hard work would bear fruit, literally! We helped provide fresh fruit, vegetables and tea to those in need. And being able to see our combined efforts transform the garden in just a few hours felt great! This project was an awesome way to make a direct contribution to the people of Atlanta. Plus, the Campaign2GROW crew took time during our break to teach us about the importance of eating organic foods!

What is Hands on Atlanta Day?

Hands on Atlanta has brought thousands of volunteers together each year since the organization started the tradition in 1989. The 23rd Annual Hands on Atlanta Day focused on three main goals for volunteer efforts: Sustainability through Environmentalism, Enlivening our Surroundings, and Creating a Brighter Future.  Approximately 65 organizations joined together this year, donating materials and providing labor valued at over $1 million.

Hands on Atlanta Day offers a chance for Metro Atlanta businesses to join efforts and support the community in which we live and work. Cardinal Web Solutions continued our annual Hands on Atlanta Day contribution by working alongside the talented volunteers of Campaign2GROW.

Supporting Healthy Families

Campaign2GROW’s mission is to support “peaceful, environmentally sustainable, socially just, economically viable and health-focused families, neighborhoods and communities in Atlanta.” Located in West Atlanta at 445 Lawton Street, Atlanta, GA 30310, this volunteer-run urban farm is producing high-quality organic, nutrient-dense foods to help people in the community live healthier lives.

Our work at the community garden was sectioned into a few categories – some of us worked on building a fence around the garden, others pulled weeds, harvested and dried Indian holy basil for making healthy, organic teas, and others cleared the area for replanting. It felt great not only working side-by-side toward common goals as team, but also knowing that our efforts were supporting the health and well-being of the community.

It is wonderful knowing that our efforts helped contribute a harvest to present the community and prepared the garden to grow more organic fruit and vegetables. We were also very fortunate to work alongside some amazing and dedicated volunteers that day as well, and thank them for the opportunity to serve along with them.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We ended the outing with a delicious lunch at Fox Bros. BBQ. After all that hard work, we were definitely hungry! The event was a joy to be involved in and an all-around success. We’re looking forward to being involved in Hands on Atlanta again next year, and thank Campaign2GROW for giving us an opportunity to serve our community!