We’ve all seen footage of paparazzi surrounding some poor celebrity and trying desperately to get their attention. Each of them is yelling, pushing, shoving—and ultimately, each one of them is dismissed as the nuisance they are.

Online, your customers are exactly like that unlucky celebrity. They’re mobbed and harassed each time they open their browsers. Most of them are only vaguely aware, but each of your customers sees between hundreds and thousands of ads every single day. This information overload has led a war between users, who don’t want to always be looking at ads, and the advertisers, who want to make money off of a captive audience.

The result is that users don’t click the things they’re not interested, and use ad blockers to avoid seeing ads they don’t want to see. They quickly scroll past promoted content and don’t bother to follow social media from brands.

So how do you tell the consumer that you’re different, that your company is worth pursuing and that your social media is worth following?

Have great content.

The only way to set yourself apart from the horde is to produce genuinely compelling content. Your smart competitors have the things that you do: a killer website design, a PPC ad campaign, and even an SEO company. The only thing that sets you apart (other than that you were smart enough to pick the best SEO company, wink wink) is the content that you put in front of your customers.

If social media sites have taught us anything, it’s that customers love good content, and they will do some of your marketing for you by sharing and discussing the content they enjoy. Videos are popular for this reason, but compelling written content does go viral as well.

But great content goes beyond social media and sharing. It directly speaks to the customer themselves and helps them to interact with your products and services. It improves your company’s image, and it helps to build loyalty and drive conversions.

In short: great content is everything.