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Social Media Advertising Trends in 2020

14 Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch in 2020

Year after year, social media use has increased. Since 2018, worldwide users have increased by 9% and now total 3.5 billion. Social media platforms are constantly evolving as they grow…

Marketing to Teens on Social Media: Methods that Work

[View the story “Marketing to Teens on Social Media: Methods that Work” on Storify]

How to Win at Video Content Marketing for eCommerce Businesses

Are you using video content to promote your brand? If not, you should be. Major channels like YouTube and Vine are being used by businesses big and small to promote…

Online Reviews: The New Way of Marketing Your Medical Practice

When you’re looking for a doctor, you aren’t going to just go with the first one you find, right? So, where do you turn? You could ask friends, coworkers and…

Are Facebook Place Tips – The New Foursquare?

Last week Facebook released yet another new feature: Place Tips. This feature allows you to get some of the same information you currently get from Foursquare on Facebook. Most of…

Top Analytics Tools for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Everyone in social media is looking for more or better “engagement”. But what does that really mean and how do you track it? The evolution of big data has made…

Six Ways to Engage your Patients with Social Media

Social media has become as important to health care as good bedside manner. For your practice, social media can help you gain new patients, strengthen relationships with current patients and…

Social Media’s Growing Role in Healthcare Marketing

While we have all heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” the real fruit of the healthcare industry today is social media. Social media is a bridge connecting…

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