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7 Trends that Will Shape Facebook Advertising in 2021

Things evolve so quickly at Facebook that the question advertisers face in 2021 is what can’t we do? Innovation will surely abound, including new ways to employ video, artificial intelligence…

How to Target Facebook Ads with Your Email List

Behold, the casual web surfer in their native habitat: following a Google web search to your website. A mere wisp of the Internet's pool of souls seeking enlightenment, they are…

Digital Marketing Agency Working at Meeting

7 Reasons You Should Hire an Agency to Manage Your Google and Facebook Ads

Out of all the mediums of advertising, online digital marketing is the cheapest per impression. That's because the Internet is the cheapest form of communication media the world has ever…

Simple Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement

The chief defining characteristic of social media is that nobody quite appreciates what a phenomenon it is. The Internet (specifically, the World Wide Web as implemented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee…

Facebook Ads

How to Get More from Your Google and Facebook Ads Budget

Few can deny that the year 2020, and likely the next few years as well, are a changed landscape for global business. Already, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic fallout…

Adapt Your Facebook Ad Strategy to New Behavioral Trends

Adapt Your Facebook Ad Strategy to New Behavioral Trends

Facebook seems to stick to the front-page headlines in the news, and 2020 so far has been no exception. For the world's most dynamic media platform and the world's second-most…

beginners guide to facebook advertising

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Online advertising is vital for any business that wants to create awareness or sell its products online. The good news is that with the diversity of social media channels, it’s…

Increase Brand Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

Take a look at any blog, social media feed, magazine, or even YouTube and tell me what you see? I’m sure there’s more than a few advertisements. Consumers are bombarded…

Target Referral Traffic with Facebook Ads

How to Target Referral Traffic with Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisers have an arsenal of tools for engaging their audiences, which is why Facebook takes up 38% of the entire online advertising revenue in the U.S.

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