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Marketing Roadmap

The Post-Funding Marketing Roadmap

The funding came through and pressure is on! Here are the post-funding marketing activities to focus on to meet new business goals and scale growth.

3 Digital Marketing Risks Private Equity Groups Should Watch

Failing to conduct digital due diligence can lead to improper valuations and hurt future returns. Here are the top three digital marketing risks to watch when evaluating an investment.

What the Consumerization of Healthcare Means for Private Equity

Learn more about the rapid consumerization of healthcare and how private equity groups can focus investments to adapt.

Marketing Strategy

Two Marketing Strategies that Set the Stage for Long-Term Value Creation

The debate around so-called short-termism rages on. In this blog post, we explore some pros and cons of short-term value-creation, while exploring two key marketing tactics that private equity terms…

5 De Novo Marketing Strategies to Build Demand Immediately

Straight from our work with de novo offices, here are five vital marketing strategies to make de novo offices profitable from day one.

Right Digital Marketing Structure & Team

Lift Portfolio Value with the Right Digital Marketing Structure & Team

There’s much to consider when building an effective marketing function for your portfolio companies. Do you build the in-house team or engage an agency? What are the pros and cons…

Top Data Decisioning Tools for Healthcare Private Equity

One of the most effective ways to create value in portfolio companies is to put in place the right tools and technologies. By finding and syncing the right data solutions…

digital due diligence

Is Your Digital Due Diligence Deep Enough?

The way a private equity firm goes about digital due diligence can make or break an investment. These days, cutting corners or “automating” digital due diligence or, worse, just exporting…

Private Equity Marketing

How PE Advisory Boards and In-House Marketing Teams Can Work Together to Create Value

All of a sudden, private equity advisory boards and in-house marketing teams find themselves needing to work together. In this blog post, I explore the trends in healthcare private equity…

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