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Is it time you developed a chatbot strategy for your franchise?

In fact, millennials actually prefer to use these apps to communicate over traditional phone calls. In other words, messaging apps provide an amazing opportunity for brands to connect with customers,…

How to Develop a Social (Media) Community to Grow Your Franchise

One thing that often gets overlooked is that being part of a community doesn’t have to be defined by physical locations (although it can). Social media has made it possible…

If You Want to Keep Your Customers Happy, Ditch Your Phone

While the telephone has long been the standard means of communication, younger generations are turning to the internet, and apps, in order to connect with brands. According to Magnetic North,…

How Franchises Can Leverage the Micro-Moments of Mobile

That’s particularly true for multi-location brands that depend on the ability of their individual store locations to meet the real-time needs of their customers. But despite realizing that a hyper-local…

5 Paid Social Tips for Multi-Location Brands

To make sure that every potential customer feels that your ad speaks to them and meets their needs, keep the following in mind: Use CRM Data to Create Custom Audiences…

8 Reputation Management Strategies for Multi-Location Brands

Maintain Accurate NAP Information Across All Pages Your website, social media pages, Google My Business listing and any other destinations online all need to have accurate and up to date…

How to Market Your Franchise with Video

Video now accounts for half of all mobile traffic. Producing quality video to help market your franchise can be simple if you keep these tips in mind.

Managing Local Marketing Across All Your Franchise Locations

Check out these 7 tips to help effectively manage the local marketing of your multiple franchise locations.

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