Can you imagine where we would be if we had this kind of confidence at their age?

– Alex, CEO of Cardinal Web Solutions

Sunday, July 13th taught Cardinals one lesson: watch out for the kids of C5!

C5 Youth Foundation

C5 Youth Foundation is an organization that is focused on building future leaders, and these teens certainly have the confidence, skills and now the resources to get there. The program recruits high-potential kids from challenging environments for the opportunity to grow their leadership skills and expand their vision for the future. Through a rigorous five-year program, youth learn to:

Year 1 (Flint): Lead themselves
Year 2 (Lantern): Lead others
Year 3 (Hammer): Expand their horizons
Year 4 (Compass): Explore their future, and
Year 5 (Medallion): Engage their community

Cardinal Hosted C5 BBQ

Sunday, July 13th was the beginning of a great day in Cardinal history: our first BBQ cookout at Camp Adahi with the kids of C5 Georgia. The day started with a chant-filled lunch with the students in years 1-3: Flints, Lanterns and Hammers. Each group had their own craftily conceived chant that boasted the attributes of their year (shout out to the Hammers at my table!).

Capture the Flag: Cardinal Rules

After lunch was an afternoon of controlled chaos with a game of Capture the Flag: Cardinal Rules. The kids were split into four, color-coded teams that battled each other for rights to be Cardinal Champs of the day.


Cardinals Grilling

The day ended with some burgers, hot dogs and grilling by Cardinal, and – judging by the line for seconds – it was a hit!

We look forward to a long, prosperous partnership with C5 Georgia and can’t wait to follow graduates on the road to the future.

Visit C5 Georgia to see the impact of these kids in their communities and find out more about the organization.