We are proud to share our recent win of a 2013 Content Marketing Award. We have been awarded the Silver medal for the Best Individual Corporate blog! We competed with over 800 entries in Content Marketing Awards; see us on the winner’s list. This is a proud moment for Cardinal Web Solutions, and what makes this award even more special is that our entire team contributed to this win. We have an excellent content development team, but this award shows that our entire team is skilled in developing creative, compelling content. I want to congratulate and thank my fellow Cardinals for dedicated contribution to our blog and national recognition with a Silver Content Marketing Award.

The goal of our blog is to communicate details about our services, innovations in the industry, and to establish a personal connection through posts about our unique company culture. Our blog features biweekly posts sharing industry insight, industry updates, marketing tips for business owners, and fun visuals. By using creative visual content such as info graphics and memes, we engage our clients and readers for a better understanding of Internet Marketing.

The truth is, blogging is important to each of us here at Cardinal because we truly enjoy the work we do for our clients. It’s fun because we have the opportunity to be creative with content. We relate what we do to what’s going on in the media, the news, and even on TV. Personally, I look forward to reading my teammates’ blog posts every week. I’m certain my coworkers feel the same way because we often have conversations about our blog posts and about ideas for new, upcoming posts. Developing creative, compelling blog posts can be tough, but we’ve been nationally recognized for our efforts and commitment to developing a spectacular corporate blog. GREAT job, team!