Being a part of family run businesses growing up was fantastic.  I got to learn marketing, finance, HR, admin and sales all for the cost of being an unpaid child worker. I watched my father work 16 hour days, seven days a week and never complain about it.  I always wondered why that was, how could he not mind doing anything for 16 straight hours, much less work?  Now I know.

Starting a business and working with fantastic colleagues is the second greatest joy I have ever had, only behind rearing my mini-me.  The agency that we have built provides so much, not just monetary gain.  I am so proud that Cardinal is providing for so many families, a dozen or so at the moment.

Everybody here works for each other — it is the most selfless organization I have ever witnessed, be it sports or professional.  Even our sales team works for one another, almost unheard of.  I have routinely seen them split commissions with each other when it easily could have not been the case. There are so many other instances of selflessness I could go on for days.  It doesn’t just stop at our sales team either.

There were many times during the development and launch of our new website when our staff members could have individually packed up and gone home out of frustration, but they didn’t. No less than eight people at our agency played critical roles in the website launch from development to content to marketing strategy – everyone had a hand.  To see everyone here work together was so gratifying it is hard to put into words.

To provide a stable job for everyone here is a great responsibility, but one that I accept with open arms.  When I see the tireless labor that  those here at the company put out for each other, how could I not work 16 hours a day?