What is Remarketing?

Even if you’ve never heard the term “remarketing”, you’ve seen it in action by now. We’ve all been caught off guard by the continuous stream of web ads displaying brands we’ve recently viewed. Perhaps you were recently shoe shopping online and have since become exposed to a few Nike ads from the site you were browsing. You might think, “what a coincidence! I was just looking at those shoes!” Weeks go by, and when you’re still seeing the same ads popping up across your browser you finally start asking questions. You also probably begin to seriously consider actually buying those shoes. Bam! Behold the power of Remarketing.

The truth is, remarketing has been, and still is, one of the most powerful and rewarding instruments that Google and other  companies have delivered thus far. Marketers using this tool have the ability to create highly targeted ads to individuals who have already visited their websites. This gives any business, large or small, a whole new playing field to reconnect with potential customers. Think about it: ads are being shown to consumers who have already expressed interest in a brand or its product. Ads can even be so finely targeted that they display exact products consumers have viewed. If you’re not thinking of integrating remarketing into your online marketing efforts, it’s time to think again.

Allow me to share a simplified overview on how this works:

*Duration of ad delivery can be customized.

Simple enough, right? If you’re still not convinced, this short video should clear it up!

Source: ClikTree

3 Reasons To Consider Remarketing

1. Awareness: Keep both your brand and its products at the top of your target audience’s mind with recurring ads across Google’s expansive ad network. You can easily customize both the lifespan of the cookie and the frequency at which your ads are displayed to your visitors.

2. Relevance: As mentioned before, your ads are targeted to content that your visitors have already expressed interest in. Let’s say, for example, “Electronics XYZ” has Google’s Remarketing feature activated on their site and is serving specified ads down to individual products. This means that if an individual lands on their page and begins browsing through various Nikon DSLR cameras,  Electronics XYZ ads will be targeted to those exact same products.

3. Targeted Incentives: One of the most efficient ways to use remarketing is to combine your product-relevant ads with promotional strategies. Imagine the impact on the same consumer from the last example when he is not only reminded of his interest through a remarketing ad, but is met with an incentive that states “10% Off All Nikon DSLRs With Promo Code: BEST2014”. Joining these two marketing strategies is a sure-fire way to boost your return on ad spend.

If you are interested in getting started with remarketing, contact Cardinal Web Solutions. We’d love to help!