Easy Link Building Strategies for Healthcare Marketers

The job of a healthcare marketer involves a lot of moving parts, from how you first engage a total stranger coming across your brand for the first time, to how…

Simple Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement

The chief defining characteristic of social media is that nobody quite appreciates what a phenomenon it is. The Internet (specifically, the World Wide Web as implemented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee…

Facebook Ads

How to Get More from Your Google and Facebook Ads Budget

Few can deny that the year 2020, and likely the next few years as well, are a changed landscape for global business. Already, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic fallout…

how to develop your first SEO strategy

How to Develop Your First SEO Strategy

Here at Cardinal Digital Marketing, we give out advice to many different industries. We write blog posts about marketing for the healthcare industry, restaurants, the legal field, franchises, and more.…

Adapt Your Facebook Ad Strategy to New Behavioral Trends

Adapt Your Facebook Ad Strategy to New Behavioral Trends

Facebook seems to stick to the front-page headlines in the news, and 2020 so far has been no exception. For the world's most dynamic media platform and the world's second-most…

Learn How These Colleges are Dominating Social Media

Social Media Marketing for Colleges: Learn from the Best

Too often in the marketing business, you’ll have this scenario: you set up social media accounts for a business, organization, or higher education institution, hand them the accounts and they…

what to look for when selecting a call tracking vendor

Why You Need Call Tracking at Your Healthcare Organization

In the healthcare industry, inbound phone calls have always played a significant role in the customer journey. In fact, Google reports that 56% of patients schedule their healthcare appointments over…

How to Optimize Google My Business Listing

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing in 2020

As we point out often around here, Google wants your business to succeed. Google wants all businesses to succeed, and it wants all customers to spend a lot of money…

google algorithm updates in 2020: everything you need to know

2020 Google Algorithm Updates: What You Need to Know

The online content marketing industry has passed the point where every search engine update was major news. Once upon a time, Google algorithm changes had code names like they were…

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