Wow, what an unbelievable year we have had at Cardinal.

Oftentimes, I get caught up in all of the commotion around the office, and I forget how incredibly lucky I am.

I run an agency with the absolute hardest working staff a guy could ask for. And with this staff, I get to support some truly wonderful clients.

So, it’s about time that I take a second to give them all the shout-out they deserve.

  1.  First and foremost, I am thankful for a staff that comes in every morning ready and hungry to work. Cardinal has a very unique culture in that no one is here because they have to be here. Every single one of the Cardinals here at The Nest yearns to further themselves in their careers and it shows by the way they come in early, stay late, and soak up as much information as possible during the in between. I constantly see private meetings taking place that are just discovery meetings. The Cardinals take time out of their busy work days to simply learn from their peers, and ultimately, become better by doing so. staff pic
  2. This incredible staff finds a way to win every time. What CEO wouldn’t be thankful for that? My Cardinals have a desire to win, a desire to accomplish the impossible. I absolutely love that this building is filled with individuals who share this philosophy with me. We do not accept no for an answer – which is why we have grown so quickly. Cardinals find a way to get it done, every single time. As a good friend of mine always says – Can’t Never Could.
  3. We are fortunate enough to work for clients that see the big picture. No longer are we selling rankings and traffic. Digital marketing has become a results-based business – leads and sales are all that counts. And I love that our clients have transitioned the way they view our results. Their adaptability is one reason we continue to experiment with our services — we know our clients will keep up.
  4. Most recently, I have been thankful for clients that are willing to take a chance on a smaller agency. Here at Cardinal, we are starting to pitch to larger clients – clients that could easily go with larger, more well-known agencies. But time and time again, these clients are choosing Cardinal. I am so glad these clients have faith in us. They can see our passion, and know no one will work harder for them than us. These clients know we will fight to the end to prove their risk was worth taking. alex quote
  5. Not enough credit goes to vendors, without them we wouldn’t be able to keep the agency running. We are very lucky to have vendors who drop everything on a moment’s notice to come help a Cardinal in need; from commercial real estate to health insurance, we have the best partners in town.
  6. And lastly, I am so thankful for the family I get to come home to after work. Agency life definitely has its ups and downs, and it is easy to get wrapped up in all the happenings, but when I come home none of that stuff matters. I am just Alex at home, and that’s fine with me.

As stated, there have been some absolutely crazy days at the agency this year. But I am so thankful that no two days have been the same. I get to learn something new and be challenged with a new opportunity day in and day out, and for that I am extremely lucky. The staff, our clients and I only seek one thing – to grow. And without a doubt, we have achieved that this year.

Cardinal revenue and staff count has grown by 50 percent this year. And we are now physically growing into double the square footage in our move from Norcross to Buckhead. The coming year will see us take on bigger clients with bigger opportunities.

We look forward to every one of these opportunities so that we can continue to break down walls and find a way to get it done.

Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in helping Cardinal grow this year. We look forward to showing you just how much we can push ourselves in 2015!

– Alex Membrillo, CEO