Last week marked my first 30 days with Cardinal. That is hard to believe right? Yeah, I thought so too. It has been a crazy ride thus far and it will likely continue to be crazy (in a good way).  I have already experienced so much in my short time here: the celebration of Cardinal’s fourth year in the biz, big wins for our clients, and a not so near death experience – check out our group picture on our team page and let your imagination take over. To say the least, a lot has happened in the past 30 days, but no 30 days doing anything would be complete without taking as step back to reflect and review.

great place to work

image courtesy of LifeHacker

Genuine People

Since day one, I could tell there was something different about Cardinal that I have not experienced anywhere else. There is camaraderie among the team here that goes beyond coworker to that of family member. Transitioning into part of this family was made easy by warm welcomes and an invitation to break the ice over a game of foosball (a company favorite). Another part of my experience that I have appreciated is the mutual respect everyone shows to one another. Opinions, values and beliefs are shared openly, sometimes too openly, but everyone is always conscientious of one another.

Genuine Results

The results Cardinal achieves speak for themselves. I believe that Cardinal is continually able to perform effectively because we are always pushing the envelope to provide top-notch quality services. Improvement does not only extend to our client’s Google rankings or PPC campaigns, but it is a focus for us individually as well. I have been very fortunate in my 30 days to be a part of new directions the company wants to explore to take us that extra step further than we have been before in order to adapt to our ever changing industry. If the course holds, which I think it will, there will be some very cool and innovative services coming down the pipe.

In a short span of 30 days I have gotten the chance to fully experience The Cardinal Way. I can confidently say that Cardinal lives up to being GREAT.