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At Cardinal, we don’t pretend to be the one and only option for every industry and niche out there.

That’s impossible. Instead, we believe in focusing on the specific industries where we know we can deliver results for our clients. That’s why, from the beginning, Cardinal has been dedicated to helping the leading higher education institutions. Our reputation speaks for itself (but our case studies and testimonials sure do help!).


You’re running several on-campus events and enlisting alumni to help out but nothing seems to work. Prospective students still aren’t considering your university as an option to progress their higher education.

According to research, 35% of U.S. students aged 25 and up have graduated from a university, college, or any other higher education institution. With this sheer number of prospective students included in that group of graduates, what’s the best way to convince them that your university is worth the consideration?

Universities Digital Marketing
Online Universities Marketing

Online Universities

When it comes to marketing certain industries, there’s no denying that the education industry has its unique challenges and opportunities. How do you market your institution in an industry with a very long sales cycle?

True enough, education customers can take between 9-18 months before deciding to enroll. Therefore, it takes a personalized and nuanced marketing approach to win prospective students and convert them to enrollments. To generate top-quality leads, you need an online universities digital marketing agency that understand what works and what doesn’t.

Law Schools

Higher education is a crowded and very competitive – law schools are no exception. If your law school’s enrollment rates are stagnant or even decreasing, it looks like your marketing strategies need to be evaluated. With the availability of online marketing solutions, traditional college trips and campus visits aren’t the optimal tactics to market your law school.

A good digital marketing campaign can increase student lead volume and increase brand awareness. However, optimal planning and strategizing need to happen before you can hope to benefit from your digital advertising campaign.

Digital Marketing for Law Schools
Marketing Strategies for Medical Schools

Medical Schools

Since 2002, the enrollment rate of medical students in the U.S. has grown by 52%, according to a recent study by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Furthermore, the expectations by the AAMC for both traditional and osteopathic medicine has been surpassed in 2006. To add, 29 new medical schools have opened along with 17 schools in osteopathic medicine.

The point is that medical enrollment numbers are on the rise but is your medical school a part of the increasing trend?

Business Schools

The market for business schools is widely considered to be one of the most dynamic and unique areas of the higher education sector. After all, you’re serving an audience of ambitious, smart, and hardworking people. Business schools provide students with prestigious qualifications that make them eligible for lucrative top-level career opportunities.

Marketing a business school focuses on building relationships, value, and being informative, as opposed to “hard selling” strategies. This is why digital marketing is a natural fit for business schools to increase recruitment and student retention.

Business Schools Digital Marketing

When we say proven Digital Marketing strategies, we mean it

Cardinal has helped some of the country’s top companies supercharge their businesses. That means driving
real business impact with custom marketing strategies for companies just like yours. Here’s the proof.

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