See how we helped Piedmont Hospital increase patient volume for their Ortho & GI service lines by over 334%

Our targeted multi-local medical approach

At the start of our partnership, we built a comprehensive keyword list, which served as the foundation of our future work. Every tweak of their website, every backend optimization – all remained focused on the end goal: to get Piedmont Hospital Digestive Healthcare division to improve their rankings and brand reach for the terms their prospects use the most during their searches.

We made tactical changes to the client’s existing website, including building out individual pages aimed at boosting rankings for competitive keywords.

We then optimized each of these pages to improve their performance on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

In addition to these optimized pages, we made subtle, yet impactful changes to the client’s homepage, including adding intralinks that improved user experience:

Piedmont Website Optimization

Multi-channel Medical Marketing for Neurosurgery

While we knew we’d have to embark on a multi-channel approach to the client’s marketing, we were also aware that, in the end, our aim was to drive online prospects to Piedmont’s Atlanta Brain & Spine Care’s website.

That’s why one of the first steps we took was to redesign and optimize the client’s site. Our goal was to build a site that was both search engine and user-friendly.

Creating procedure-specific pages, (like the image below) made it easier for prospects to find what they were looking for and helped our client rank higher for specific keywords

Making Neurosurgeons approachable

Based on our research and expertise in the medical field, we’re also well aware of how important it is for medical facilities like Atlanta Brain & Spine Care to highlight their staff. Patients who are in need of the types of services our client offers want to know who they’re entrusting their health to.

We built out and developed our client’s staff pages to make it easier for digital audiences to feel like they could “get to know” the team before they ever walked through the doors.

Regardless of the page, we also made it easy for users to convert with some type of action (such as request an appointment) with optimally placed CTA buttons – including on the homepage

Building relationships to increase patients

Highlighting the client’s medical team is what we like to call transparency, and it’s what helps build and nurture long-lasting patient-facility relationships.

So we took this transparency to another level through content marketing. Content marketing based on data is an incredible way to connect with audiences who are most likely to convert into patients.

We actively publish articles that highlight not only the successes of our client, but that are also the types of content their prospects are searching for online. Combine that with our optimized web pages, and you can see why our client’s ranking increased for their highly coveted keywords

Building a solid online reputation and maintaining it

When it comes to marketing for a medical practice, one thing is certain: reputation is everything.

Prospective patients may be impressed with the look and feel of a website. They may appreciate transparency and the helpful content found on a blog. But they’re likely not going to convert unless the doctors on staff have positive reviews online.

While members of our team redesigned the client website, optimized their social channels, and began a rigorous content marketing campaign, our reputation management specialists got to work getting more positive reviews for each of the team’s practitioners.

Because we specialize in marketing for medical practices, we have an in-depth knowledge of how to get positive reviews posted across the web. This type of industry knowledge allows us to deliver fast results for our clients.

In the case of Atlanta Brain & Spine Care, we developed a strategy that targeted satisfied past patients – asking them to review the center – as well as created a strategy that ensured that new and incoming patients who are satisfied with our client’s care are asked, directly, to make a review and know, exactly, how and where to place those reviews.

The Results

The Results from Our Strategy

The changes, optimizations, and strategies we implemented for Piedmont Hospital would mean very little if they didn’t deliver results.

Fortunately for Digestive Healthcare and Atlanta Brain & Spine care, results came pouring in. Prior to our partnership, they did not rank well for any competitive keywords. Through our full-press approach to optimization across all their digital channels, the Cardinal flock got our client to rank for some of the most important terms in their industry and locations, including:

  • Atlanta Gastroenterology – They moved up 49 spots to #2
  • Gastro doctor Atlanta – They moved up 22 spots to #5
  • Colonoscopy doctors Atlanta – They moved up 24 spots to #9
  • Everything we have done so far hasn’t just improved rankings and traffic – it has dramatically increased their lead volume by 334%
The impressive part of all this is we’re just getting started. The strategies we’ve put into place are designed to continually improve Piedmont Hospital rankings over the long term. And, as we monitor our analytics, we’ll adapt our strategies accordingly to ensure that client’s name is top-of-mind, and top-of-search-engines around the Greater Atlanta area.

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