See how we helped an 18 location digestive group bring in over 100 new leads a month

Company Overview

Digestive Healthcare of Georgia

From performing research studies and clinical trials to providing patients with cutting-edge treatments, Digestive Healthcare of Georgia has become a leader in the field of gastroenterology, with locations throughout the state.

But being a multi-local medical facility comes with challenges, including determining how best to target local prospects at each of these locations.

With multi-local as our specialty, we were excited to help Digestive Healthcare increase their brand awareness at the organizational level, as well as with each of their locations.

Digestive Clinic Marketing

Our targeted multi-local medical approach

At the start of our partnership, we built a comprehensive keyword list, which served as the foundation of our future work. Every tweak of their website, every backend optimization – all remained focused on the end goal: to get Digestive Healthcare to improve their rankings and brand reach for the terms their prospects use the most during their searches.

We made tactical changes to the client’s existing website, including building out individual pages aimed at boosting rankings for competitive keywords

We then optimized each of these pages to improve their performance on Google, Bing, and other search engines

In addition to these optimized pages, we made subtle, yet impactful changes to the client’s homepage, including adding intralinks that improved user experience:


Our medical focused offsite lead generation and search engine optimization

Of course, the work we do to optimize clients’ websites isn’t confined to backend changes suited only for search engines. The performance of a website relies heavily on its ability to engage and convert actual users, which is why we committed a considerable amount of time improving Digestive Healthcare’s patient appointment portals. Our improvements made these pages more enticing to the users, resulting in increased conversions.

With that said, a high ranking on Google is dependent on the search engine’s ability to find, and crawl, a site. While our content and design teams enhanced the overall user experience of Digestive Healthcare’s website, our technical SEOs got to work cleaning up the backend which yielded impressive ranking increases across the board.

Targeted Healthcare Keywords

Page Speed Improvement

From image optimization to minifying CSS and reducing server-response time, we successfully improved our client’s PageSpeed Insights to an impressive 92 (out of 100). This type of page speed reduces user frustration and wait-time, which is why Google rewards fast websites with better rankings.

Page Speed Improvements

Social media focus on gaining local leads

Digestive Healthcare’s social media channels also needed some improvements. An incredible number of prospects turn to platforms like Facebook to not only assess the value of a medical facility but to read reviews.

We redesigned their Facebook page to make it a conversion-focused channel where users are eager and willing to share their stories. From their Call Now CTA button to the newly added cover photo, their Facebook page has now become an incredible source of highly qualified leads.

Digestive Healthcare Paid Media Campaign
The Results

The Strategy That Delivered Results

The changes, optimizations, and strategies we implemented would mean very little if they didn’t deliver results.

Fortunately for Digestive Healthcare, results came pouring in. Prior to our partnership, Digestive Healthcare did not rank well for any competitive keywords. Through our full-press approach to optimization across all their digital channels, the Cardinal flock got our client to rank for some of the most important terms in their industry and locations, including:

Atlanta Gastroenterology – They moved up 49 spots to #2
Gastro doctor Atlanta – They moved up 22 spots to #5
Colonoscopy doctors Atlanta – They moved up 24 spots to #9

Everything we have done so far hasn’t just improved rankings and traffic – it has dramatically increased their lead volume by 334%

The impressive part of all this is we’re just getting started. The strategies we’ve put into place are designed to continually improve Digestive Healthcare’s rankings over the long term. And, as we monitor our analytics, we’ll adapt our strategies accordingly to ensure that Digestive Healthcare’s name is top-of-mind, and top-of-search-engines, for everything related to the practice of gastroenterology in and around the Greater Atlanta area.

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