How we helped a 160-location dental care brand with national recognition turn their painful PPC woes into a spitting success.

Company Overview


DentalWorks’ mission is to make professional, affordable dental care available to a wider population. Since their launch, they’ve grown their network to nearly 160 locations across 13 states.

But, they had even bigger plans. They wanted to continue their growth trajectory to reach even more people in need of their services. They turned to PPC, knowing that a paid strategy is one of the quickest, and most effective, ways to market a brand.

But, it can also be one of the most expensive, if the campaigns aren’t run efficiently.

By the time they approached the Cardinal flock, the DentalWorks team was struggling to see the results they knew they should see with their paid advertising.

It wasn’t a lack of spending that was the problem. It was that their campaigns weren’t targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Dental Company Marketing

Ensure landing pages were relevant in content

We consulted with the DentalWorks development team to ensure landing pages were relevant in content, responsive for mobile and easy to convert.

The work put into the account reorganization alone generated a 19% decrease in cost-per-click and a 2.9% improvement in click through rate in the first 15 days of management. However, the ongoing bid optimizations, keyword theme expansions, and implementation of a budget fluidity within a market and amongst practices led to real results impacting the client’s Q1 2017 goals.

You can see the results of our work above. Noting that Cardinal assumed management of the account in December 2016, you can see a clear and dramatic increase in both clicks and responses.

DentalWorks Website Optimization

Developing DentalWorks’ PPC Strategy

We rolled up our sleeves, put on our safety goggles, and dove headfirst into polishing up, and filing down, DentalWorks’ PPC strategy so that they’d get the return on investment they deserved.

Although DentalWorks had an existing PPC strategy in place, our team went back to the drawing board to ensure the foundation of their paid strategy house was built solidly and designed for long-term growth.

This started with creating an extensive keyword list based on the dozens of key services provided by DentalWorks, including symptom-based terms, and removing broad match keywords driving non-converting traffic. Because DentalWorks has locations throughout the country, we made sure to clearly define geo-fences around each practice using a tiered radius approach to bid more for prospective patients the closer they live/work to a practice.

To further minimize wasted spending, we also created a robust negative keyword list designed to ensure that the ads we launched would appear only to the client’s ideal prospects.

Launching brand campaigns allowed us to quickly capture additional search volume and improve the account’s quality score upon re-launch while inching out competitors who had previously capitalized on DentalWorks’ lack of branded PPC efforts.

Paid Media Campaign for Dental Company
The Results

DentalWorks experienced a 250% increase in response volume

Clicks are one thing, but when it comes to growing a dental practice, it’s far more important to increase the number of leads you capture. By establishing both appointment scheduling and phone call tracking, we were able to assess the success of our PPC campaigns on responses.

As seen above, DentalWorks experienced a 250% increase in response volume (calls and online appointments) in the first 3 months of our managing their accounts. This was achieved while facilitating a dramatic budget increase of 174%, during which performance typically declines periodically. The combination of higher budgets and a newly organized and optimized campaign lead to a 22% reduction in cost-per-response in the first 90 days.

Click Responses
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