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How a divorce and family law firm increased website traffic 40% by highlighting keyword optimized, content-rich information

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Cardinal’s Continued Efforts resulted in:


increase in assisted and direct website conversions


increase in website traffic


increase in local reach

Atlanta Divorce Lawyer

Company Overview

Serving the greater Atlanta area since 1988, Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor provides skilled attorneys and expertise in family law and divorce services. For over 30 years SM&P has offered competent legal advice and advocacy in the areas of divorce and family law, including, child support, custody, property division, alimony, spousal support, paternity and father’s rights and adoption. The firm approaches divorce law from a Collaborative Practice methodology, ensuring a more respectful and dignified process that helps families make a smoother transition to the next stage of their lives.


Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor experienced increased pressure from competitors and the need to revamp their online presence in March 2019. Stearns initially reached out to Cardinal Digital Marketing to improve their online organic visibility and attract their ideal client.

Divorce Law Group Marketing Approach


Cardinal helped SM&P achieve the goal of bringing more targeted traffic to their website through a complete website overhaul, migrating to a more stable platform, and regular blogging. Beyond these efforts, Cardinal identified suitable keywords to target across all website content, improved the SM&P website to align with SEO best practices, including optimized tags and images, schema, and a mobile-first interface to vastly improve load time.

On Page SEO Updates

On-page and technical SEO updates

Increased site visibility, through on-page updates and a complete SEO audit, resulted in a noticeable growth trend for SM&P’s online presence. With updated site descriptions, tags and images, as well as the transition from an outdated site infrastructure, SM&P has increased digital reach in the local market by 30%. These improvements to local reach were sustained by optimal keyword management carried out on a regular basis.

Aggressive content and link-building activities

A complete overhaul of SM&P’s digital presence revealed possibilities for reaching a broader market. In-depth keyword research helped inform new content that helped drive steady growth in average search position. Cardinal was able to drive 29 additional top ten keywords (keywords that were not ranking the previous year), and secure placement in the top three positions for competitive terms related to “divorce attorney” and “divorce lawyer.”

The “Mediation” page, specifically, is now ranking for a featured snippet around the cost of mediation in Georgia. In addition to this page, Cardinal has helped SM&P gain 15 additional featured snippets for their main service pages.

The Cardinal content team also engaged in a new blog strategy, curated and launched the Divorce Process guide, generated new backlinks, and improved internal linking to the guide and other blog content, earning more top and mid-funnel traffic. Due to the new site format, Stearns gained access to fragment handles (“fraggles”) in the SERP, ensuring their content was visible to prospective clients and positively affecting SEO.

Website Impressions
Keyword Performance

Keywords Performance

As far as keyword performance goes, we see steady improvement from our efforts with a significant jump in average position. We’ve been able to drive 29 additional top ten position keywords that were not ranking last year, as well as rank in the top 3 positions for terms related to divorce lawyer and divorce attorney (the terms they wanted to focus on):

Featured Snippets

We’re seeing that one of the pages we helped optimize “Mediation” is now ranking for a featured snippet around the cost of mediation in Georgia. This page was restructured based on our recommended format and has the table of contents jumplinks. In addition to mediation, we’ve been able to gain 15 additional featured snippets for their main service pages.

Featured Snippets
Aggressive Content and Link Building

Table of Contents with Jump Links

Additionally, our new site format allowed us to gain fragment handles (or “fraggles”) in the SERP. Those jump links on the SERP are being generated by our table of contents with jump links.


Overall, with a 40% increase in website traffic and site content that is better aligned with what the client is searching for, as well as with information prospective clients can actually use, Stearns has seen a 70% increase in assisted and direct conversion through their website. Every location has experienced improvements in the double and triple digits over 2019.


increase in assisted and direct website conversions


increase in website traffic


increase in local reach

After launching new pages and integrating optimized keywords we’ve been able to drive additional volume through curated content to secure 29 additional top ten keywords, not ranking last year, for a more intentional and increased reach.

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