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Is your pharma website working to improve your leads, conversions, and sales?
So you’ve spent a lot of money driving traffic to your website but for some reason, you’re struggling to increase your downloads, sign-ups, or drug purchases. In more ways than one, the customer’s experiences are shaped by what they experience online. If you can’t streamline your conversion funnels and provide a good website experience, you’ll consistently lose potential customers.
This is where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes into play.

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Pharmaceutical CRO Company

Cardinal Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers top-tier conversion rate optimization services. With our many years in the business, we know that conversion optimization is lost on so many people.

Pharmaceutical CRO Services
Pharmaceutical CRO Agency

Full Service Pharma CRO Agency

Fortunately, we have an excellent CRO team that will guide you on your conversion optimization journey.

Ways to Increase Your Pharma Website’s Conversion Rate

Like SEO, conversion optimization is a multi-step process that’s quite complex and time-consuming.
Here are some of the ways to improve your site’s ability to convert:

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your landing page is designed to capture the visitor’s attention via a conversion form. A strong landing page can increase traffic, improve SEO, and strengthen your pharma brand. In essence, landing pages will lead your visitors to your products/offers and encourage them to perform a desired action.
68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate high-quality leads that usually result in conversions. Not all businesses use them because of the misconception that they’re hard to create and maintain – not the case at all. A strong landing page is less of being flashy but instead focuses on providing value to visitors.

A strong landing page should be direct and lead to the promised offer. It should be an extension of your pharma brand and not an outright promotion.

Stay on Top of Conversions

This seems to be common sense but many people just can’t be bothered with tracking their conversions accurately. First, you should decide on the primary purpose of your pharma website. Do you want people to download an e-book? Do you want visitors to fill up a form? Do you want them to submit a question about your drugs? Upon identifying your goal, you can track your conversions by using analytics tools.

Your CRO campaign is going nowhere if you can’t have a clear picture of your conversion rates. On top of that, make sure that you’re aware about industry benchmarks so you can set realistic goals and track your progress accurately.

Write Strong Website Copy

Your nice-looking website will only attract visitors and make them stay but the design along won’t sell. Although excellent web design adds a lot for a better user experience, the words on your site (aka website copy) is the factor that will capture visitors, turn them into leads, and eventually convert. Relevant and engaging content will highlight your pharma company’s strengths and will encourage visitors to stay longer on your site to be converted.

Excellent site copy will increase chances of attracting qualified leads, keep visitors engaged, allow you to communicate your offers clearly, and persuade visitors to make an action. On the other hand, poor website copy is a conversion killer.

Mobile Optimization

According to a survey, more than 60% of mobile users have used their devices to search for answers to their health-related questions. In comparison, it has become more common than questions about job hunting, online banking, and education. This is why you can’t afford not to optimize your pharma website for mobile.

A mobile-optimized website provides excellent user experience which can make the conversion process a lot easier. So what makes a website optimized for mobile? Below are some hallmark features of a mobile-optimized website.

• Smaller images
• Larger buttons
• Auto-detect for locations
• Responsive design
• Auto resizing windows
• Auto-fill forms
• Multiple screens instead of scrolling

The top mobile optimization step is responsive design. This means that your website automatically adjusts to fit the screens of mobile devices.

A/B Split Testing

When it comes to your conversion rates, don’t leave anything to guesswork.

One of the most common steps to maximize conversions is to perform an A/B testing or split testing. This refers to the experiment for determining which different variations of your website perform better by showing each version to a random group of users and analyzing the results. Split testing is for finding out which version your site has driven more conversions.

Some of the benefits of split testing include reduced bounce rates, improved user engagement, improved content, increase conversion rates, risk reduction, and more.

Maximize Your Conversions With Cardinal’s Brand of Conversion Rate Optimization

With Cardinal’s conversion rate optimization solution, your website’s ability to convert will be streamlined.

Digital Marketing Analysis

We need to take an in-depth look at your pharma business so we can develop a CRO plan that works. Cardinal will conduct a full website audit so we can get a crystal clear picture of your business and current marketing strategies.

Conversion-Focused Content

Does your website copy help with conversions? If not, our team of talented copywriters will give your site content the much-needed upgrade. Content that’s engaging, informative, and conversion-focused.

Improved Web Design and Structure

Your site is home to your marketing offers and content. You need your visitors to have a strong first impression upon touching down your site. At Cardinal, we have a team of web developers and designers that can give your website a handy makeover.

Valuable and Actionable Data

CRO is a very data-driven process. Therefore, we need to conduct a lot of tests and fast. The more tests conducted, the more information that we can gather to help make your campaign soar.

Executive-Level Reporting

Extensive monitoring is a must if you want to succeed in conversion optimization. Cardinal is committed to providing comprehensive reports whenever we finished a test and during monthly intervals.

Fact-Based Decisions

At Cardinal, we always tell it like it is. Through our strategies and solutions, you can make informed decisions based on data and facts – as opposed to guesswork and gut feelings. As our partner, your success is our success.

Ready to grow your pharma business with conversion rate optimization? Contact us and talk to our excellent CRO team to get you started.

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What to Look For in a Pharma Conversion Rate Optimization Agency?

Hiring a pharma CRO agency can be daunting task. The agency should have the knack for data analysis, copywriting, and testing proficiency. Here are the things you should look for when hiring the right pharma CRO company:

Transparency is Key

CRO is a data-driven digital marketing method so you need an agency that values transparency above everything. You should be able to tell during the first meeting with the agency as they explain their methodologies and strategies in a very clear manner. This should include all the tools and practices that they’ll use to meet your conversion goals. The best pharma CRO agency focuses on the “how.”

Experience and Track Record

Hiring a pharma CRO agency is a significant investment so it’s only natural that you want to make your money count. Although there’s nothing wrong with hiring a “green” agency, it’s best to opt for one that has sufficient experience and a winning track record. A successful CRO campaign involves a lot of testing which is why an experienced agency like Cardinal is the better fit.
Additionally, you should take a look at the agency’s track record on conversion optimization, preferably in the healthcare or pharma industry. Also, you should also check for reviews, testimonials, and case studies from the agency. Don’t leave anything on the table and go for an agency with experience and track record.

Detail-Oriented and Methodical

A strong CRO strategy is detail-oriented and very methodical. You can’t just conduct some random tests and tweaks or run down a checklist of best practices. A good CRO team must be methodical, logical, and highly organized because conversion optimization requires high attention to detail.
Your CRO agency must have an eye for details like behaviors and cognitive biases of visitors, words used on polls and surveys, and naming conventions for test versions. A complete CRO campaign requires a team that’s also as comprehensive.

Challenges Your Views

To have a successful relationship with your CRO agency, you and the team must be on the same page. Thus, you should be able to trust the agency that they can handle your CRO campaign. More likely than not, you must have some ideas on how to improve your pharma website’s conversion rates. In this case, good communication is a must.
A CRO agency like Cardinal should have no problem hearing your ideas and accommodating them. However, the team must also be prepared to challenge your ideas if they think that there’s a better approach available. The last thing you want is to work with a bunch of “yes men.” When the CRO agency can challenge your ideas and present better ones, you know that they’re your consideration.

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