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Why The Nation’s Top Immunology and Allergy Practices Trust Cardinal

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Our services are trusted by some of the biggest names in the allergy and immunology field, and our results speak for themselves.

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We ignite ambitious growth with proven tactics to help you scale your business swiftly and strategically.

We’re Performance Marketing Experts

And we’re performance-driven to boot. We don’t let growth stop at “good enough”—we aim to exceed growth targets, every time.

We’re A Patient-Generating Machine

We’ve helped allergy and immunology groups soar to new heights with proven patient generation tactics.

Ready To Ignite Your Growth?

Cardinal’s Immunology medical marketing experts are skilled at creating customized marketing strategies that are catered for your allergy and immunology practice.

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Allergy & Immunology Digital Marketing Success From Every Angle

Allergy & Immunology Marketing Matters

Help Allergy Sufferers Get The Care They Deserve

Find and Engage New Patients For Your Immunology and Allergy Center

40 to 50 million Americans suffer every day from chronic allergies. They are constantly online seeking medical practitioners for treatment. As allergists strive to build, grow or adapt their practices, specialists face unique marketing and advertising hurdles. A strategic digital marketing plan is what gets you there. Digital marketing is an essential tool for growing your patient base in the competitive allergy & immunology industry. Patients will be able to find your facility through your excellent marketing and eye-catching website. Let Cardinal’s dedicated team of medical marketing experts help your practice stand out by creating brand awareness and driving prospective clients to your immunology practice.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategies for Immunology and Allergy Providers

Allergies exist in many different forms: food, skin, dust, insect, pet, rhinitis, and more. Not everyone is affected by the same type of allergies. This is why doctors customize treatments catered specifically to their patients’ needs. Cardinal’s medical marketing team is no different; we are committed to designing customized SEO, PPC, and Social strategies that are proven to drive results to your allergy and immunology practice. We will help you stand out among the crowd and put you in front of potential patients. While some patients are referred to an allergist, others search online for a provider. Cardinal’s comprehensive marketing strategy can connect those prospective immunology & allergy patients to your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. If your allergy and immunology website is not on WordPress, it’s not an issue because Cardinal can help move it from any platform. Based on experience, WordPress is highly-customizable, SEO-friendly, and has a well-designed backend. If you have an existing website based on WordPress, we can proceed with auditing your site and plan the next steps.

On the other hand, if you need help to improve your website or make it from scratch, Cardinal will be more than happy to help. Our team of web design experts will help you develop a sleek-looking website that navigates well and has a strong SEO foundation. Plus, your website will work on both desktop and mobile devices.

Our team will also ensure that visitors easily find essential information about your practice on your website and be guided toward your funnel to increase patient volume.

One thing you need to know is that digital marketing takes time. If an agency promises the first-page appearance within three months, they’re likely overpromising or even misleading you. Promises of quick results are probably achieved by using black-hat techniques and link manipulation – a surefire way to get penalized by search engines.

At Cardinal, we always set performance goals for all our clients every three months. We provide detailed roadmaps, KPIs, and reports that you can access anytime. We’re passionate about monitoring performance and communicating results, so our clients are always on top of their digital marketing campaigns.

For actual time frames, it mainly depends on the services you require and your marketing maturity. For example, you may see meaningful results from your paid search campaign in as little as 90 days. Meanwhile, it may take six months to a year before you’ll see positive developments in a full-scale allergy and immunology SEO plan. 

Sure, if you want us to.

Cardinal offers a wide range of services as the nation’s top full-service digital marketing agency. SEO to get you to the front page? Check! A well-optimized PPC campaign to reduce high CPAs and generate more leads? Of course! Leverage CRO techniques to convert leads into loyal patients? Absolutely! Cardinal is your one-stop strategic partner for comprehensive digital marketing services, so you don’t have to work with other agencies or freelancers for certain services. The only services we can’t provide are email marketing, organic social media posts, and offline advertising (we’re a digital-only agency).

If you already have an in-house marketing team, we can help as a consultation partner and work with your team to achieve your marketing goals. Otherwise, we come in as your strategic growth partner and take charge of your marketing campaigns.

An excellent strategy to increase brand awareness and attract local patients looking for specific services is through Facebook Ads. Paid media advertising via Facebook not only works great for building brand awareness, but also for targeting specific audience groups, especially locals.

Cardinal will manage and structure your Facebook Ads campaign to target users that require your services, such as allergy testing and immunotherapy. This is made possible by Facebook’s robust ad targeting. Facebook lets you set targeting parameters such as geographic location, interests, and demographics and even create Lookalike Audiences. Moreover, we can also help generate high-quality ad creatives to meet Facebook’s best practices.

It sounds like your website needs a better conversion rate. Lucky for you, conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is one of our core services. With the help of your Cardinal team, we can leverage CRO to increase the percentage of visitors who take meaningful action while on your website. For starters, we can engage visitors with patient-centric creative and refined messaging highlighting their pain points. Therefore, you’re more likely to attract high-quality leads to your site and increase conversion rates.

As one of the nation’s top digital marketing agencies in healthcare, we know what it takes to optimize the patient journey at every step. A key element is a well-designed and optimized website that guides potential patients to various sales funnels and lacks the unnecessary measures that may prevent conversions.

Our investment in Cardinal is the best money we’ve spent this year by a mile! The team is incredibly fast-moving, communicative, and helpful; they’ve really become an extension of our team. Our partnership has made our growth stress-free.

Haley Jepson Marketing Manager
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Ready To Ignite Your Growth?

Cardinal’s Immunology medical marketing experts are skilled at creating customized marketing strategies that are catered for your allergy and immunology practice. Our focus on search engine optimization, targeted advertising, and increasing brand awareness can be the catalyst to expand your immunology practice.

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