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Snapchat is all the rage to a younger generation, so if that is what your product or service appeals to, then you need to be there. Studies show that with 54 percent of American teenagers ages 13-17 using Snapchat daily that it is the best social network to use if you are promoting something that is the latest and greatest trend.
It’s no secret that Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with, especially when marketing to a younger crowd. It is in direct competition with the Facebook/Instagram juggernaut, and while it has a few kinks it needs to work out, impressionable teenagers don’t seem to notice.

Therefore, this creates a tremendous opportunity if you are trying to get your toys, fashion accessories, basketball shoes, et cetera out in front of teens.There aren’t really any other marketing channels allow you to reach that demographic. However, since Snapchat is so new and different from any other kind of social media network out there, many people in an older demographic don’t understand it (take a poll at a nursing home facility- how many grandmas are using Snapchat?)So even though Snapchat is all the rage, thousands of businesses fail to harness the power of Snapchat advertising because not a lot of people- including seasoned marketers- know what to make of it.
But if your business applies to teenagers, then Snapchat should be one of the main tools in your digital marketing toolbox because that’s where they’re spending most of their time online. So, once we know about the goals of your business, we can help determine if investing in Snapchat advertising is a right fit.

Cardinal Snapchat marketing company gets results and we work with all different sizes of organizations across the board. Our team helps you optimize your Snapchat advertising campaigns through its audience match and keeps you up to date on the impact to your business so that you can start getting results right away.

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Powerful Snapchat advertising with Cardinal

At Cardinal we start with the end result you want, and then build a path to get there. This is a digital marketing agency with combined expertise dating back to the days way, way before Snapchat even existed. We know how to optimize based on the most recent improvements to Snapchat’s advertising algorithms, so that you always stay ahead of the game.

Search Engine Optimization Service for Local Businesses

Results-driven advertising

We measure Snapchat marketing results the same way you do – on whether it is generating the awareness, impressions, and sales you need. Tell us the problem you’re trying to solve, and we’ll build a way to the solution by creating effective content for Snapchat advertising campaigns.

Pay Per Click Service

Manage Snapchat ad spend

You should always be able to confidently show the ROI of your Snapchat ad spend. And at Cardinal, we optimize your campaigns so that you can be certain every dollar counts. We’ll always keep your budget in mind and make sure you get the most juice possible out of your campaigns with constant A/B testing, timing and targeting, and audience lookalike tactics.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Transparent reporting dashboard

With your own custom Snapchat marketing dashboard, our agency keeps you in the know at every second of the day. From the very first hour your campaigns start to run, you’ll see exactly how many people are viewing your Snapchat ads and whether it is making a difference in increased sales.

Programmatic Display Advertising Service

Precise audience-building

Step one of a successful Snapchat advertising strategy is to target the right people at the right moments and since Snapchat’s main advertising strength is in audience segmenting, we’ll discover and determine the best way to take advantage of that aspect.

Web Design and Development Agency

Hands-free campaign management

Our Snapchata dvertising agency takes all the guesswork (and all the tangible work) out of your Snapchat ad campaigns. Once we know what results you need, we set up the audience, the CTAs, the creative, the targeting- literally everything- to launch a successful Snapchat campaign and then we sit back and watch it perform.

Email Marketing Campaigns

World-class support

At Cardinal your Snapchat marketing is run by real people who know your business and know your goals. That means when you have questions or decide you want to double down a successful Snapchat (or other online channel) ad campaign, there is a real person on the other end of a phone call ready to help you through the next step to success.


Cardinal is built by experts who make Snapchat advertising their careers. The Cardinal team thrives on creating winning strategies that drive customers to your door. That means, when you choose Cardinal as your Snapchat advertising agency, you get…

An agency that listens
Yes, we’ll run your Snapchat marketing campaigns for you, but we want to do more than that. We want to hear your big ideas for what you think will work for your business. And it doesn’t have to be related strictly to Snapchat; we specialize in all things related to online digital marketing.

Our total attention
It takes time and care to build a partnership that works. The Cardinal team invests that time in your company’s success. We can come to your office or hop on a video call, whenever and whatever you need to develop a winning Snapchat advertising campaign that suits your unique market strategy.

Snapchat marketing specialists
Our team is never too busy to answer your questions. A Snapchat expert is paired with your business and works side-by-side with you to make sure that we’re both getting the results we need.

Fast, honest reporting
Receive reports on the results of your Snapchat marketing team’s progress whenever you want to see them. You have automatic access to dashboards any time and can also contact our Cardinal support team available 24/7.

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