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It’s an understatement to say that social media is a major factor in today’s modern healthcare community. As more consumers are getting on board and involved in their personal health, they are using social media in order to learn about and connect with healthcare systems, general and specialty medical providers, and community hospitals.

Failing to take advantage of social media as an integral part of your marketing efforts is detrimental to not only the growth of your practice, but also to your branding efforts.

Social media helps your healthcare practice accomplish more with fewer resources.

Making the Most of Your Social Media Marketing Attempts

Use social media
as a platform from
which to engage and
influence your patients

Find ways to use
hard numbers and
analytics to measure
social media success

Create social media
policies for your business

Correct past
missteps in the
social media universe

Eliminate past accounts that do not match
current plans and philosophies for social media use

Building a better brand for your healthcare organization often involves many different moving parts working together for the same goal. Paid media, also referred to as search engine marketing, has a very important role to keep your medical practice or hospital relevant and competitive in today’s healthcare marketplace.

What sets search engine marketing apart from other types of advertising available today for healthcare organizations, is that it allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns according to very specifically designed criteria, including the following:

We can help you with all these important steps and more. Remember, social media is a multi-faceted approach to marketing on today’s web.

Avoid focusing solely on one avenue of social media and create a robust marketing effort that reaches out to patients across multiple platforms including:

Each of these social networks represents an opportunity to reach out to new patients for your practice under two conditions. First, have an effective marketing plan in place. Second, put the effort into each branch of the social media tree that is necessary to achieve lasting results.

Cardinal Expertise in Social Media Engagement and Influences

Without an effective social media presence, you allow competing practices a huge advantage over your medical facility. Without a dedicated team managing your social media presence, it’s nearly impossible to provide the level of engagement and access today’s medical consumers expect.

Don’t let social media obstacles, fear, or lack of expertise or resources prevent you from reaping the rewards of an effective social media presence. Call Cardinal Web Solutions today and let us work with you to get your social media house in order for the sake of your practice today and as social media evolves in the future.


The face of healthcare has changed forever. Today’s healthcare system is a consumer-based entity, and healthcare providers must shift their mindsets to that of retailers.


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