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Building Your Analytics Platform in 2023: Essential Tools for Healthcare Marketers

Leveraging the power of analytics to your advantage empowers smarter campaigns and supercharges growth. However, increasing data restrictions, new technology platforms, and the complexity of multi-site healthcare marketing have made it more difficult than ever to gain insight into marketing and business performance.

17 mins
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Navigating the GA4 Migration: The Future of Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizations rely on accurate data to make strategic marketing decisions and gain a better understanding of the patient journey. With Google announcing the end of Universal Analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4, healthcare groups are encouraged to migrate to the newer platform ASAP, before the automatic switch on July 1, 2023. Though GA4’s capabilities are beneficial, data is only stored by default for 2 months. That’s why it’s important for healthcare groups to stay informed to ensure a seamless transition with no lost data.

15 mins
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Healthcare Marketing Analytics: How to Track Growth

When a multi-location healthcare group is trying to grow, having an effective marketing analytics framework is essential. How can organizations with ambitious growth goals set themself up for good reporting?

21 mins
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Build a Foundation for Better Marketing Measurement

Why are you sending a request for proposal (RFP) to a marketing agency? Your healthcare organization is probably looking for a quality partner to enhance your strategy and help you get patients the care they need. Here's how to create a solid RFP, what research you should do before looking for a partner, how an agency can detect a genuine RFP, and how to find an amazing marketing agency who fits your needs.

12 mins
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Call Analytics: Listen to Your Patients to Improve Conversions

In the healthcare industry, inbound phone calls have always played a significant role in the patient’s journey. By tracking calls with a dynamic solution such as CallRail, you can not only improve your practice operationally, but you can also use data synced to Google Ads and Google Analytics to optimize your ad campaigns in real-time. Hear how healthcare marketers can use call analytics to get better marketing results, improve their business, and what to look for once they implement it.

14 mins
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