Are you making an effort with SEO and still not seeing your website on the first page?

We went from not showing up for most of our key words… to, within a month, going into the top ten

– Aly Merritt with Angelica Corporation

Within the first 3 months America’s Best boosted their organic search results and fueled an increase in website traffic of 40.91%. This can be a problem since 75 percent of search engine users never scroll past the first page.

SEO is a forever changing industry — sometimes minor changes and some that completely change the business. In 2012, 37 major algorithm changes were noted.

It can be hard, oftentimes impossible, to keep up with SEO because its not all about keywords anymore.

Now, SEO is about enhancing the all-around user experience. In order to be respected by Google, and other search engines, your website must provide educated and relevant content with page speed and site organization.

Download our eBook and you’ll earn Google and users’ respect by not overlooking the following items when creating a SEO strategy.

And, we’ll see you on the first page.

Here is what our eBook will tell you:

  • On-site elements, the fundamentals of SEO
  • Website organization
  • Implementing correct Robots.txt Files and controlling them
  • How to make your website faster