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Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a mystery. You should be able to pinpoint every detail of your SEO campaigns at any moment. Cardinal has proprietary software that helps you understand exactly what tactics we employ and the results we’re driving. Most importantly, we measure success in new customers, not mere traffic or ranking.

Cardinal SEO campaigns here in Memphis, Tennessee, are engineered to not just drive organic traffic but to accomplish a simple mission: deliver new customers to your door. We tie search engine optimization campaigns directly into your CRM system so that you know exactly which leads turn into sales. It’s all made possible by a custom software platform we developed called LadyBug. LadyBug helps us generate 2X the sales of other SEO companies and prove it.

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On-site SEO Assessment

The foundation of every new campaign – 60 days of critical assessment. Cardinal shows up at your Memphis location to evaluate website health, everything from site speed to URL architecture. We investigate your competitors to see exactly where and how they have the advantage. Then, we devise a game plan to get you where you deserve to be, at the top of Google search results.

Link Building

First, we get the foundation of your website squared away. Once that’s solid, we move into the link-building phase: Cardinal generates topnotch content to elevate your brand. We place that content in the right hands and link it back to you. You get the credit and move up the search engine rankings.

What You Get When You Partner with Cardinal

Cardinal enjoys the expertise of individuals who make digital marketing their business. The Cardinal team thrives on creating winning strategies for Memphis businesses that drive customers to you. When you choose Cardinal, you choose

A Partner

We don’t just want to run your marketing campaigns, we want to hear your ideas and partner together with you to grow your business faster.

Undivided Focus

We take the time to understand you. We’ll come to your office, sit down with you, and work to develop a winning campaign just for you. Our sole focus will be on you.

Dedicated Social Media/SEO/Programmatic Display Specialist

We’re never too busy to answer your questions. The specialist that’s right for your business will work side-by-side with you, giving you personal updates and helping you through any difficulties along the way.

Up-to-date Reporting

You will receive reports at the interval you choose, and you will have 24/7 access to our topnotch team.

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Memphis SEO Team helping local businesses in Memphisranked #1 in local map listings in 50% of searches

Improve your rankings with our SEO Company

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Climb Google’s Local Results to Drive Local Customers

Many Cardinal clients run multi-location businesses, right here in Memphis, Tennessee. They thrive on a steady influx of local customers. Local SEO marketing demands a special approach – expertise in directory and reputation management. It requires sophisticated techniques and equally sophisticated software to drive the right local traffic to all your locations. Cardinal has ten years of experience delivering local SEO wins using top-shelf software. We make it easy for nearby customers to find you.

Cardinal’s Custom Assessment Process

Digital Marketing SEO Service

Our digital marketing experts ask strategic questions to ascertain your goals.

SEO result driven service

CEO Alex Membrillo and his team audit your Google SEO rankings and lead volume.

SEO Team

Within a week we deliver a free Digital Marketing Assessment to your inbox.

Offering SEO optimization for local businesses

We welcome you to our Memphis office to discuss your assessment, or schedule a call if you’re out of town.


Increase your visibility with our Memphis SEO Team

Top Notch Google Visibility
You deserve to have every single prospect find you immediately on Google. So let’s make sure all roads lead straight to your business.

Get more traffic and customers using Memphis SEO Strategy
Land More Customers
Higher rankings and increased traffic are wonderful, but they’re not what matters. We count success in customers – nothing else.

Our Memphis Marketing SEO Company will help you increase your ROI
Increase Your ROI
It’s not cheap to invest in your SEO. Nothing worthwhile is cheap. Give it six months, and it’s a safe bet you’ll want to join 91% of Cardinal clients who stay past the 3-year mark.

Memphis SEO Experts that dont hide the figures
Your Thought Partner
Cardinal is more than a business partner. We aim to be a thought partner. We want you to call and feel free to drop by the office with your newest idea. Let’s innovate for faster growth.

Memphis SEO reporting software
Reporting Software at Your Fingertips
You will receive reports on a timeline of your choosing, whether that be daily or monthly, and you will have 24/7 access to our topnotch team – all with at least 7 years of digital marketing experience.

Memphis SEO Experts that dont hide the figures
Home Team Advantage
If you’re looking to gain new customers, partnering with a company that is invested in your success just makes sense. Cardinal is an SEO company run by individuals who are committed to seeing your business succeed. We take the time to learn the area, the people and your business, partnering with you to make a winning team.

Memphis, Tennessee, has been known as a major transportation hub since it was first founded. It’s location on the Mississippi River made it critical to shipping long before trains, planes and automobiles. Now, the Memphis International Airport is home to FedEx’s SuperHub and is the second busiest cargo airport in the world. The Mississippi is still critical inshipping, sending cargo on river barges to be offloaded onto trucks and railroads.

Cardinal Digital Marketing would like to be your SEO marketing hub. We’ll be sure that your message reaches your audience in the most effective method available. Just as transporting costs are important, so are advertising costs. We’ll deliver your ads to your target audience at the target price you’re looking for, getting you moved up in search engine results, too.

With Memphis being comprised of a diverse group of people because of its shipping industry, tourism and music background, you need a company that can create an SEO blend that is as original as the music on Beale Street, making your mark in Memphis. If you’re ready to get to work with an SEO company that knows Memphis and gets to know you too, shoot us an email. Let’s grow.


What is search engine optimization and why do we need it for our business in Memphis?

Customers have grown so accustomed to “Google-ing” what they need these days, including products or services that they need to buy or subscribe to. This is why Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is extremely crucial for your business in Memphis.

The goal of SEO is to help make your site more visible or rank higher in search by implementing best practices, or standards, that have been prescribed by Google and other major search engines. With proper SEO, your site can be found faster by more and more of your target customers.

Is SEO better than social media?

No, it is not. It complements each other. Indeed,researchhas shown that 4 out 10 social media users have bought an item online or in-store after seeing an ad on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. That’s why many businesses in Memphis are now using social media ads to win even more customers. However, how your products or services are found by your customers in social media is influenced mostly by their behavior. Meanwhile, how you appear in search has more to do with the active way your target customers are looking for your product or service. That’s how our SEO service in Memphis can help your business.

In spite of the wide use of social media ads among businesses, SEO is still extremely relevant. But it has significantly changed over the years. That’s because the search engines have added even more advanced search capabilities to address the evolving behaviors of customers online. These days, location-based search, image search, and voice search are becoming even more ubiquitous. Indeed, SEO is becoming even more sophisticated now as the more and more consumers are become more tech-savvy.

Search could still help fuel significant business growth. Just as of January 2018, around 3.5 billion searches have been made on Google. That’s roughly 1.2 trillion searches per year globally, and a considerable amount of location-based searches for businesses in Memphis are part of this staggering number.

Does SEO work for any type of business?

Yes, it does. No matter what type of business you have in Memphis, whether you’re running a bakeshop, a small restaurant, a consulting business, or a mom-and-pop shop, SEO can help you win more customers. As long as people are looking for you online, SEO can help you reach your goals. By successfully placing your business on top of the search results pages for businesses in Memphis offering your type of product or service, you appear right in front of your target customers right as they are looking for you. Indeed, SEO can help you gain wider customer reach, improved customer engagement, and increased revenue.

How does SEO help us gain more customers in Memphis?

These days, the Google is an extremely important utility. It has also become an important tool that help consumers find products and services faster and easier. Indeed, when it comes to buying products or services online, intent is still more powerful than recommendation. This is why you should complement your social media efforts with SEO.And this is where we can help you. We match your business to your customers’ intent to help them reach a buying decision.

We help match your business with your target customers by determining the search words or phrases that they use to find your products or services. We will then use these search terms in all of your web pages in accordance with the standards prescribed by Google.

If set up properly, you will soon start to see your ranking in search gradually increase for search terms that your website has been optimized for. As your ranking increases, so will the number of highly targeted, paying customers visiting your website.

Do we need to have our own web development team to handle this?

Running an in-depth site audit may require looking at your website’s technical backend. This is to ensure that Google’s spiders can easily crawl your website as it gathers crucial data about your site. If you do not have an in-house team of web developers, we can deploy our own. Please note, however, that you don’t have to worry about quality and privacy, as we do all things under your close supervision.

How do we know if the Memphis SEO company we're working is doing a great job?

We work towards your success. We will set your expectation right from the beginning and work hard towards attaining your business goals using best-in-industry SEO strategies and techniques. Every penny of your investment will be put to work without hidden costs. If you like your results, we’ll consult with you if you would want to take things to the next level.

Do we have to sign an annual contract?

No, you don’t. Please note, however, that we will initially sign you on to a three-month contract to show you the full effects of SEO. If done properly, three months is about the length of time for the first effects of SEO to be seen. After the three-month period, if you like the results, you can decide to extend your contract with us if you want to enjoy sustained success. We work for your success. That’s why more than 90% of our clients stay on with us for extended contracts.

Is SEO measurable?

Yes, it is. You can measure the success of your SEO campaign with the use of certain tools that track Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. These KPIs measure site visits, visitor sources, pageviews, and conversion rate.

One of the tools that track KPIs is Google’s very own Google Analytics. This incredible tool gives you immersive view on information about how many visitors landed on your site using the key words that we have optimized it for and how many are from Memphis. This tool also offers information on how many of these site visitors became paying customers.

For more information on our SEO services in Memphis, contact us today. We would like to talk to you about how we can help.

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